Rocket R60V v3?

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#1: Post by Acangialosi »

I am looking to upgrade my Silvia rig and wanted to learn a new area of espresso brewing. I am interested in the Rocket R60V which has pressure profiling. While researching I noticed the current V2 generation has the older style PID. The R58 recently upgraded the PID to an graphic display in their V3 releases. I wish the R60 had this newer PID.
I'm wondering if anyone has heard about a v3 releases of the R60V?

Acangialosi (original poster)

#2: Post by Acangialosi (original poster) »

Apologies if this is bad etiquette to reply to your own thread but hoping for some advice from the experts on this forum if there is any info to share on the R60V?

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#3: Post by Jeff »

Personal opinion, it's $2,000 more than a Bianca, Synchronika, Profitec, still has an E61 group, and can't come close to a DE1 for programmability (or even the Crem One, from what I've read). At that price you're in striking distance of a GS3 MP.

Acangialosi (original poster)

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Thanks for expanding my options. I'll spend some time learning about those machines.