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Tony163 (original poster)

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Yes I considered waiting for that but decided against for a few reasons. First, it has pretty small boilers. Admittedly that could be viewed as a benefit, but I am planing on cranking out a lot of drinks for friends in succession. Second, I'm not sure I like the looks of it and I don't love the screen in the group head. Third, it doesn't have hot water mixing, which I love for americanos. Last, don't want to wait. I don't recall if it as timer setting, I assume it does. That was something I definitely want as well.


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Another reason (for me) not to buy a You would be the fact that it just came out. All new technique machines have their teething problems. The Rocket has been around for some years, so you can trust teething is done.

Tony163 (original poster)

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Well knock on wood the RN1 had all kinds of problems initially with reliability and the screen and everyone (Clive, Seattle and espressocoffee in italy all say Rocket fixed all of these issues). Having said that Sanremo is pretty much a commercial grade company, they've been around for a while and are very careful. I wouldn't expect too many problems with them, unlock rocket which is a new and fast growing company.


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You're right: initially. Are those issues fixed? GS3 had initial issues, slayer single had issues, decent had issues, my DC Mina had issues, kvdw Speedster at least changed the PID. ACS has changed a lot of stuff on the Evo this first year. Which machine has been perfect from day one??

I will never buy a brand new technique machine again.