Right funnel for Solis Perfetta Plus: 54mm or 58mm?

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In the specs of my Solis Barista Perfetta 1170, I read the Portafilter is 54mm.
However, if I keep a tape measure with it, I rather measure a diameter of 58mm. Or does 54mm indicate something else?

Because what is the right funnel for this? 54mm or 58mm?
And with the right size, 54mm or 58mm; Are both funnels models pictured below universally applicable to all portafilters? So also for my Solis Perfetta Plus 1170?

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Typically a "58 mm" basket is 58 mm and a bit inside diameter. A 58.0 mm OD tamper should fit into a "58 mm" basket. IMS baskets call the outside diameter of the rolled lip "border", which tends to be around 60 mm for a 58 mm basket.

I don't know what funnels are available for that size, which may also be branded Breville/Solis/Sage. Of the ones out there, I prefer the ones that sit on the basket rim rather than extending into the basket. That way there's no little furrow around the edge that needs to be trimmed-up afterwards. Whether that makes a difference in the cup, I don't know. This image is typical and happens to be from a MATOW funnel. If I had one from this manufacturer, I'd comment further on it. I'm mixed on magnets. The DE ones apparently leak grinds because of how the magnets were installed.

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My late reply: But thank you. I ordered a funnel like you pictured one. :wink: