Reliability: Slayer vs La Marzocco vs Victoria Arduino vs Synesso

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Quick question what are your thoughts on the above-mentioned brand on espresso machines. How reliable are they ? How easy to deal with them on daily basis in a cafe environment. I want to buy a machine but all of them have their advantages. But would be glad to hear from the perspective of the technical side. What would you recommend to go ahead with.

I am looking for 2 group machine to be used in a cafe with a Mythos grinder.

thank you

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I would be more concerned with the availability of local, on-demand service in a commercial environment. As I see it, several days of downtime while waiting for service or parts is a greater risk than what are probably slight differences in time between inevitable failures.

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I agree with Jeff's post. The other issue would be the quick access to critical parts. All machines and all brands will require service, maintenance and repairs that will require parts. Perhaps a brand with support from multiple sources might also be something to look into.
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I would agree with Jeff if I am using the machine in a commercial environment , but for me personally who would do the repair myself, reliability and robustness of the machine is of paramount importance.
Unfortunately IMO, data on reliability of the machines might not be that easy to obtain. This is not like obtaining the reliability data of automobiles.