Refurbished Baratza Sette 270/wi - as good as new?

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#1: Post by Westchester »

Wondering if anyone can share experiences on buying and using a refurbished Baratza Sette 270/wi. I'm looking to move on from a Breville SGP that has been fine but is a bit slow and has more grind retention and clumping than I'd like. Refurb'ed Sette 270's seem to be a good deal but interested to hear if others have gone that route.


#2: Post by jpreiser »

Many years ago, I bought a refurbished Virtuoso for drip/pour over and it's been rock solid.


#3: Post by NicaDon »

My experience with Apple refurbished products is that chances are they are better than new with the problem areas addressed and only a small chance for the failure to be repeated. With that in mind I recently bought a refurbished 270wi, probably originally an upgraded 270 with the most recent improvements. Before I bought it I searched the internet and coffee groups and while there were many horror stories of the 270 and 270w there were very few complaints about the 270wi, mainly with shifting grind settings which were easily resolved.

It's sad the early adopters had to deal with the teething problems with the series for several years but hopefully they've been fixed now. For 15 years I bought the newest itineration of Macs only to see serious upgrades happen fairly rapidly before I learned to have some patience and wait for the dust to settle. I'm hoping the same for this grinder because it is an absolute joy to use with no complaints at all.


#4: Post by Westchester »

Thank you both. I'm hoping that if I do get the refurb'ed 270wi, it'll have all the problems worked out and I'll get a good deal. Happy you've had good experience with yours!