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#91: Post by haunce »

I've used a couple different scales in the $20-$50 range and they all sucked.

I finally found this one, which I think is virtually perfect for coffee. It includes two 250g weights so you can calibrate the scale perfectly.

Weighs in 0.1g increments. It does not auto turn off while weighing beans or pouring shots. $34.99.

Palmscale 7.0 Pocket Scale 700gx0.1g

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Haunce, NO Auto Shut-off is a dream. I'm really getting irritated by the auto shut-offs on both my scales. I'm pulling a shot for under 40s and it turns off...really annoying. I'm finding that I need to 'play' with the platform so it has activity that doesn't start the auto-shut off timer.

Too bad I can't get that shipped from and also too bad the only one on eBay is 40 bucks plus 40 bucks for shipping... wow ripppppppp offfff
LMWDP #670

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#93: Post by Peppersass »

The Palmscale is terrific, and by far the best scale I've used for espresso, but it does indeed have auto shutoff. The difference is that there are three settings and you can extend the time well beyond any reasonable shot time.

However, if you set a long shutoff time, you will quickly run the batteries down. That's because the LED screen uses a lot more power than the LCD screen typically found on small scales. What's worse is that the Palmscale uses two CR2032 lithium button batteries, which are really expensive.

So, I set my Palmscale to the shortest auto shutoff time. Usually this is long enough to weigh beans and grinds, but not enough to weigh the shot. So I have to turn the scale on again before that step. The boot time is fairly long, so I have to turn on the scale a few seconds before I'm ready to use it. Takes getting used to.