Recommendation for espresso cups that will fit Linea Mini + Acaia Lunar + double spout portafilter

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by Jonathan02 »

Hi all,

I have Linea Mini and would like to start weighting shots with Acaia Lunar using double spout portafilter.

Since it's quite tight space in the Linea Mini and the Acaia Lunar I'm looking for Espresso cups recommendation that will fit.

My main workflow is using 2 cups when using double portafilter.

Can you please share your recommendation?

This seems the perfect cups but I'm not sure where I can buy such cups:
and a picture of the glasses can be found here: ... .40-PM.png

Pls note that I would like to keep the stock drain tray of LMLM and not buy custom drain tray that fits Acaia lunar.


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#2: Post by Ypuh »

Wouldn't any 70-90ml fit?

I use Loveramics and Acme cups. Those are probably slightly taller than what you see in this video, but work fine. Even a big 300ml cup from the same brand fits, altough that required a bit more fiddly with placing the Lunar. I wish there was 2-3 cm more space, which I'll probably solve with buying another bottomless (sold my previous one with the Rocket).
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Jonathan02 (original poster)

#3: Post by Jonathan02 (original poster) »

I think that these cups are too tall - I have the espresso Loveramics and it won't fit.
The Loveramics 150 cups fits but it's cappuccino/cartado cup not espresso.

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#4: Post by Ypuh »

Not sure why you'd say these won't fit or I don't understand your question. The Loveramics are only slightly larger.

Loveramics: 80ml and height 60mm
Acme: 70ml and height 55mm

Just took a picture of mine (Acme's espresso cups) and there is actually more space than I intially thought.

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Jonathan02 (original poster)

#5: Post by Jonathan02 (original poster) »

Nice! Thanks for the pic - super useful! This is exactly what I asked for.

Since I haven't received the lunar - I wasn't sure these cups will fit. I can assume that 55mm height will be OK for me.

Thanks a lot again - very helpful!

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#6: Post by SteveRhinehart »

Jonathan02 wrote:This seems the perfect cups but I'm not sure where I can buy such cups:
My LM cups look just like those, and they're IPA porcelain. I think the model name is Milano.

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#7: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

I suggest you look at the Inker Mokka cups or the Inker latte art espresso cups. ... inker+cups
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#8: Post by RJB83 »

I bought these the other day and they work well: ... UTF8&psc=1

I don't think I'm a fan of the dual spout, and may go bottomless or single spout


#9: Post by Frenchman »

Coming late to the party, but I use Illy collection cups for everything, and both my espresso and cappuccino cups fit perfectly on the scale with clearanc for the portafilter spouts. And they're great, classic shape with some art (though TBH, the artists don't alway try very hard, if you compare with their non-cups production, but the medium is certainly limited).
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