Rebound time on Profitec Pro models

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#1: Post by JamesO »

Hi everyone.

I find myself in a similar position others here have been in in the past based on Google results. The Pro 500 fits our budget, but I'm also wanting to make sure we choose the right model for the future.

We'll be making two drinks at a time for the most part, and I know all three models will be just fine for that. Every now and then we'll have company over. Based on your experience, what are reasonable rebound times between shots on the Pro 500, 600, and 700? Does it vary between models? If I wanted to pull six in a row for family on Christmas, for example, will these machines be able to do it without much wait time between (other than the time to grind and tamp)? If it's best to give it a little more time, how much time between shots is reasonable?

Thanks so much! The rebound time for each model is what I'm trying to get feel for now.


#2: Post by GreavesManchu »

I have the 600 and pull 5 dbls every morning without waiting. Just the time to grind, prep and pull. Love the 600.

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#3: Post by Plinyyounger »

I use a 700 and pull til whenever I want, it's all good. No issues.


#4: Post by PIXIllate »

On my 600 I refill the water tank every other day after 3-5 drinks per day plus backflushing. As far as drink times go I guess you might have to wait a few seconds if you NEED that 201F extraction temperature to be dead stable but I haven't seen any behaviors that make the machine slower than I am.