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daedalus2 wrote:Just pulled the trigger on a Profitec Pro 600 :)
Good call. It's an unbelievable upgrade from the GCP, and wish I had done it sooner.

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I would recommend an E61 DB with direct plumbing & draining for convenience, enhanced temperature stability, line level preinfusion and just in case you up your workflow to where you're pulling shots and steaming at the same time, the DB would be easier to work with as you have
2-independent boilers each controlled separately by the PID.

Do not neglect non-scaling water quality or you'll pay for it with more frequent breakdowns, maintenance and coffee breaks - without coffee! :mrgreen:
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Our water is fairly hard (~130 PPM), so I'm picking up an Oscar 150 softener pouch for the reservoir. Hopefully that will do the trick.

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daedalus2 wrote:Just pulled the trigger on a Profitec Pro 600 :)
Espresso making became a much more enjoyable process when I got mine.

Profitec Pro 600 Owner Experience

Now you can start looking at grinders! :)

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I've read this thread before. Starts with GCP, goes to Pro 600 or Bianca then a post about wether a GS3, Slayer or Speedster would work better given X desires.

Congratulations on your Pro 600. Ifs a beautiful, well made machine.