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bluesman wrote: No matter what you get, do not obsess if your first shot isn't fabulous - it will take you pounds of beans, gallons of water, and months of patience to produce a good shot consistently. Getting it even close to good at the beginning is a combination of pure luck and random chance. Sadly, the few who achieve such fortune think it means they know more than they do, which hampers their learning. Your first shots will probably be so far from what you want that you'll get depressed unless you print this post, put it on your refrigerator door, and read it every day :D
This is so true! I consider myself one of the few where very quickly I was getting espresso that was very yummy and I can verify that it was pretty much identical to the cafe that I bought from. But when I arrive to a problem or something is off, I'm quite a bit lost sometimes of what to change or alter because of the lack of experience.
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