Quickmill E61 flow control device - do they work with Vibiemme Super Domobar E61 espresso machines?

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I am interested in modifying my vibiemme super domo bar espresso machine with an e61 flow control device and I was wondering if the quickmill kit will work for the vibiemme. I understand that there can be differences between the e61 versions made by other manufacturers and the e61 groupheads made by vibiemme so I am concerned that it may not fit my machine if I purchase the quickmill device.
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It replaces the screw in mushrooms of E61 heads with a new screw in mushroom that contains the valve. Removing the valve parts and trying to machine your bolt-down mushroom to make the valve parts fit would be insane... Maybe someone will start mass producing them someday, but I don't believe such a thing exists for VBM heads, yet.

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VBM uses their own E61 group, and its parts do not interchange with the others. It's unlikely that any of the flow control kits will work out of the box. Someone who is more familiar with the group may be able to suggest a work around
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Thanks for your replies Jim
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