Quick Mill Arnos vs Izzo Vivi PID vs Profitec Pro 500

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Hey Everyone!

First post here and really been researching and spending massive amount of hours exploring for the best HX espresso machine out there currently. Here are the three I have sorted down to. Could you please help choose? My want is to be making a couple of milk based drinks a few times a week. Want a PID, shot timer and overall low preheat time with a powerful steam pressure

1. Quick Mill Arnos
2. Izzo Vivi PID
3. Profitec Pro 500

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I say at the end of the day, all the analysis will be overwhelming and just go with what looks good to you. :D It'll be the centerpiece of your coffee area, might as well pick the one that looks best to you. What grinder are you going to pair with it? A subpar grinder will ruin all that analysis.


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:| I've been looking at the same. Cupboard clearance is my limiting factor.

Overall warmup time is gonna be similar...~30 minutes. I was lusting for something that'd be up to speed in 10 minutes too. But machines with this mass aren't going to get there that quickly. Put whatever you get on a programmable timer that's rated to handle the load.

FWIW, the Arnos and Pro 500 are at the top of my list. The Mara X was. I haven't written the Mara X off entirely, but Lelit's build design & quality don't strike me as being on par with the usual suspects (ECM, Profitec, Izzzo, Quick Mill, etc.). See WLL's comparison video of the Pro 700 and Bianca...not similar in build refinement (IMHO) yet they're similarly priced. :/

Lookitsrohit (original poster)

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Haha thank you!
I ended up doing a total 360 and purchasing an Open box Alex Duetto IV from SCG that was around $700 off. I have no idea on what the condition would be but I really hope it's not terrible.