Quick Mill 0820 or EVO 3140

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Postby TV33 » Aug 16, 2019, 5:53 am


I'm considering the purchase of a QM Stretta 0820, but I seem to have read that the PF and the baskets are specific. In other words, we could not place VST baskets, IMS or E & B Lab. Can owners confirm it to me?

I also saw a used QM EVO 3140, but I wonder if we approach the result in a cup of a machine with Rossi group (ex: Lelit PL 41 Plus PID). I do not need to mount the milk, so the double thermoblock is not useful to me, but is the thermoblock for coffee as efficient as a boiler? It seems to me that there is a PID ... I also wonder if the doses are really volumetric. So, again, if a possessor could inform me.

Stretta or 3140: in both cases it is a machine to put in the office, the advantages of the thermoblock (speed of heating, no water remains in the machine once the tank removed because it is a machine that will be regularly moved, especially during the holidays), etc.) would be appreciated. So if there is no big loss side result in a cup compared to a Rossi, it could tempt me.

Good day to you !