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#11: Post by TigerStripes »

IMO the king of baskets is the VST 18g. Buy one and forget about everything else. That said - if you can get a Pullman or decent basket for a good price, they're more or less the same. I have the espresso parts basket and think it is subpar. The holes don't extend to the edges so there is coffee that is obviously not well extracted when you knock the puck out. :/
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#12: Post by kidloco »

I have discovered I really like IMS Superfine baskets for light roasts. I used VST and I was satisfied. I am planning to buy Pullman basket 17-19 and Pullman Big Step tamper and try that. I have a Bravo self-leveling tamper and I am annoyed that it leaves a small amount of coffee on the basket wall.


#13: Post by fliz »

I'm very happy with my pullman baskets (20g)

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#14: Post by Derryisreal »

Finally, some definite answer! Phew :D
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