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Hi all,

I would like to purchase a grinder for my older parents. I have already purchased a coffee machine for them, a Solis Barista Perfetta Plus ... lus-silver. This coffee machine is the best they ever had and will never be improved. It offers unpressurised porta-filters and consistency in pulling shots. It also fits their lifestyle. Thy pull appx. 5 shots a day. Mostly very lungo coffees.

I want to add a coffee grinder on the side. They will be using coffee either from a supermarket in beans or a middle class coffee roaster (I may convince them to go higher or buy them a subscription). The coffee is stored somewhat carelessly, in a simple coffee box standing on the bench. They will be using a scale.

I know that an expensive coffee grinder is always a good thought, but I would like to stretch my dollar in this situation. What is a decent solution, that will not require tweaking or constant upgrade, that serves the purpose, but also allows pulling a shot at 9 bars consistently?

Thanks a lot for your inputs :)


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I do not do espresso, so I can make no recommendation, but to help get more recommendations, you might want to state a budget and whether manual is acceptable or electric only.


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Although I don't have one, it sounds like some kind of Baratza grinder would be the way to go as they're reasonably priced, extremely popular and easy to use.

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Depending on their comfort with hand-grinding, a Kingrinder K6 or 1ZPresso K-series grinder might be an option.

For electric grinders appropriate for a machine similar to the Breville Bambino, I'd suggest the Option-O Lagom Mini or the Baratza Sette 270. I would avoid the Breville Smart Grinder Pro, Dose Control Pro, or however it might be branded where you are.

Most of the very inexpensive Baratza grinders aren't very suitable for espresso. Their new Encore ESP may be a reasonable choice. I don't know much about it. The Sette 270 is a good grinder at a modest price. I don't know pricing in Switzerland or Europe.

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Are they looking for a single dose grinder? I like the Bezzera BB005, but it is not single dose.

PoorAfficionado (original poster)

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Hi all, thanks for your answers. I understand that the grinder will have a hopper, but we could pre-weight the coffee and throw it in, as so many people do.

Yes, we are talking electric. I am considering a Eureka Mignon, but I would not be unhappy with a smaller budget.


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PoorAfficionado wrote:I am considering a Eureka Mignon, but I would not be unhappy with a smaller budget.
If you are in the EU, the Eureka Mignon series are a great value. (In the US, where I live, they are much more expensive). If you can afford the Specialita, its digital timer with 0.1g resolution works really well. Otherwise you could consider the Manuale or Silenzio which are less expensive, but require more fiddling weighing the dose.

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You can weigh out doses and thrown them into a hopper-style grinder, or one that started out its life that way (even if claimed to be "single dose"). However the amount of exchange in most of these grinders is very high.

The Eurekas are well-respected, hopper-style grinders. The Eureka line tends to be more expensive in the US than in Europe. If at a good price, and fitting on your parents' counter, that would be a grinder that should meet basic needs and last a long time.

My guess is that the Niche Zero with VAT would be much more expensive than the Mignon where you are. I think the Mignon, the Lagom Mini, or the Baratza Sette 270 are probably better in the cup than the Bezzera BB05 and similar grinders with similar burrs. The Baratza Encore ESP may be slightly better than those inexpensive grinders, but I haven't heard much about it.

The Baratza Vario van be used as a single-dose grinder by "flipping the flap". If you can find one used or at a good price, that would be another option. The standard, ceramic burrs are suitable for classic espresso.


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If a Niche Zero is possible it is very user friendly for espresso. Prior to that I had a Baratza Vario which worked well for me for several years -- and still works well.

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I am surprised, that the grinders from typical espresso machine brands are not mentioned. Aren't those companies making grinders that respond to the qualities of their machine?

Ascaso i-Steel i1
Lelit Fred

are two that come into mind.