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Those two were very good in their day for the price, as were similar grinders sold under various names. The Tre Spade conical burrs are reasonable quality. The small flats were also reasonable, like the Gaggia MDF, Rocky, and others. I can't name a grinder sold with a major manufacturer's badge on it that is competitive today†. I doubt they were ever "tuned" to the machine in any way other than styling and price. Even the expensive Cremina Moca SD seems to be a standard Ditting ODM grinder in a fancy case.

The quality of burrs and grinders have advanced past what the grinders of that era can provide, even at a modest price.

† The Mazzer grinders that were rebadged to go alongside of commercial machines are a notable exception.

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PoorAfficionado wrote:I am surprised, that the grinders from typical espresso machine brands are not mentioned. Aren't those companies making grinders that respond to the qualities of their machine?

Ascaso i-Steel i1
Lelit Fred

are two that come into mind.
Almost no machine manufacturer makes grinders - they either put their name on what a grinder manufacturer makes, or buy the internal grinding mechanisms and put their own case around it. I believe that the latter situation is what is done with the two grinders that you mention.

I am not familiar with pricing in your locale - and pricing varies greatly due to ... well, I don't want that topic brought up again. For example, if you were in North America then I would easily say the Baratza Encore ESP. However, that's due to both quality in the market segment and Baratza's support in North America. However, that may be the wrong choice where you live.
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Breville/Sage Smart Grinder Pro.
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Why not a good used grinder. Commercial type grinders are built like tanks. You won't have single dose design options with older grinders but if you're ok with coaxing and sweeping out retention they work. I used a doser Macap M4 as a single dose for many years that still runs like new even with the extra stress on the doser fins, sweeping and grind adjusting from dose to dose. The money you save with used could give you an experimental burr budget.

A Mazzer Super Jolly was recently listed for $550 on HB.
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PoorAfficionado (original poster)

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Hi all, I reckon that a newer Baratza Encore ESP might do the trick.

I like that it has distinct measurements. Easier to explain to an older person.

Regards, Tony