Profitec Pro 700 vs. La Marzocco GS/3

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Hoping you guys can be my crutch as I tend to over think large purchases.

I currently have a Profitec Pro 700. Great machine, plumbed and drained, powerful steaming, flow control. It's going on 6 years old and only requires minimal maintenance and repairs. I've been using a Bezzera BZ13 PM at my office and make milk drinks for my staff each morning (I consider it a job perk that helps employee satisfaction). Unfortunately the Bezzera is a chore for making 3-4 flat whites in a row. It'll do it, but you know the limitations...can only steam one drink volume of milk at a time, rebound time between drinks, different experience with a vibratory pump and not the same construction level compared to the Profitec (all expected as the Profitec costs double).

So, cutting to the chase. I plan to take the Profitec to work. I need to pick a new home machine that replicates and ideally expands on the virtues of the Profitec. I love powerful steaming. Flow control is nice for when I want to experiment but I don't care enough to enjoy the minutia of a Decent with all the compromises in other areas. For ages I've wanted a GS3 MP. Sexy when modded with options, killer steam, saturated group, flow/pressure control on the MP, great brand name. I value a machine that can be worked on and will also last decades. All the touch screens and electronics of some newer high end machines kind of turn me off.

So am I crazy getting a GS3 as a next step machine for the house? I could save thousands if I just get another Profitec Pro 700 but there's just no jazz in doing that. Kind of hoping I don't get a GS3 and ultimately think 'well that was a lot about nothing.'
Alex makes me want to buy expensive stuff.

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I'm obviously biased, as I've had two GS/3's since they came out. The original was, of course, non-paddle, and then when it got old (i.e., needed more work than I could do myself after more than 10 years), got an MP.

I like it. I don't think about it. I use the paddle and pressure gage mostly for pre-infusion, but sometimes do a pressure decline if I feel it would help. Sometimes I think about a lever, but I'm happy with what I have.


PS. If you're looking for reasons not to get one, they develop rattles - or at least mine have. The fit and finish is designed to show off the "hand made in Florence" aspect. The boilers and plumbing look top notch. The frame, not so much.

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The LM GS3MP has a lot of things going for it. If you want a machine with flow control where you live in the moment of each shot, 120vac no 240ac connection required, reservoir or direct plumbed.

Next step up is either a lever or a machine that is 240vac, direct plumb only.

" makes me want to buy expensive stuff."

LM GS3MP might be your dream machine!
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