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Hey all,

I've been looking at getting a proper Espresso machine to replace my current setup, a Nespresso machine. I have been looking at multiple options at multiple budgets incline the Sage (Breville) Dual Boiler, Lelit Elizabeth, Profitec 300 and Profitec 600, and I have now decided on the two Profitec models.

Now I'm very new to anything Espresso so I would like some help.

What are the actual differences between the Profitec 300 and Profitec 600 (including build quality inside the machine). Is it just that the Profitec 600 has better steaming capabilities and is built on the E61 design, or are there more features? Is it worth the extra £400 to upgrade to the Profitec 600?

Just for information, I'll be getting the Eureka Minon Specalita grinder too.

Thank you :)


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If you've already read: Profitec 300 vs 600/700 vs...? then sorry for repeating.

One way of looking at it is that the 600 is wider, while they're both approximately the same height and depth.
In my opinion, the 600 is made with far better parts (the pull open hot water and steam valves with the large valve faces rather than the smash-face type valves), I am a fan of E61 machines so I will claim that the brew valve is better in a 600, but this is a bias, I know, a decent three-way solenoid valve is perfectly good.

Metros (original poster)

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Yes I have read that one, thank you though. However, when one of the comments states:

"Profitec Pro 600
+ pretty much every feature out there
- takes a bit longer to warm up?
- getting pricey, but still doable"

What is "much every feature out there"? Just want to know everything I am getting for an extra £400 over the Pro 300

Kind regards


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For full disclosure I have a Profitec pro 300.
I would say the main difference is the group head: with the pro 600 you can add flow control and with the pro 300 you have shorter heat up time. I find the steaming capability on the pro 300 quite adequate - my machine steams 200 grams of water from 10 to 60 degC in about 40 seconds.
As JRising wrote, the valves for the steam and hot water taps are better for the pro 600. Another difference is that the pro 600 has a PID control for the steam boiler instead of a pressure stat.
Let me know if you have specific questions about the pro 300.
Edit: I also have the Mignon Specialita - it is a great pairing with the pro 300

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I found a thread...
Profitec 300 vs 600/700 vs...?
on this site that you might find helpful. Would you be using the machine for mostly espresso or mostly milk drinks?

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Yes I have seen that one. I was hoping for a side by side comparison. It all seems a bit vague on that page. Having a graphical side by side comparison would really help due to being new to Espresso machines and the overall process.


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Pro 300
-faster heat up
-easier to keep clean (e61 groups are notorious for getting squeaky with detergent back flush. So that makes one do that less often which may result in less clean machine. Or you have to take the lever off and re-grease which is a pain. This is all from personal experience)
-small boilers, less steam power, less temp stability if pulling multiple shots in quick succession

Pro 600
-larger boilers
-better build quality in terms of steam and hot water valves, possibly nicer to use with the e61 lever vs mechanical switch but that is subjective
-longer warm up time (30-45 min)
-e61 cleaning issue as noted above
-more expensive

HOWEVER, if you end up preferring the pro 600, if I were in your shoes I'd get the Lelit Bianca. Because they are rolling out V3, the current V2 machines are on sale for only $200 more than the pro 600. For that you get flow control included (this alone is $200 value), larger boilers, rotary pump and option to plumb in. So for me, pro 600 is out, it's either Pro 300 for the more budget friendly or Bianca for top end prosumer DB at a great current price.

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Thank you sir for posting that, and yes that Lelit looks great, it's just out of my budget. I've gone from only spending £300 to spending £1700, I can't go any higher.

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Personally, as one that enjoys light-roast espresso, I wouldn't consider the 300 as it doesn't have any sort of variable preinfusion that I know of. For that reason, I'd look at the Lelit Elizabeth if that sort of form factor and look is what you're going for. If you're sticking with classic "espresso roast" coffees, this is probably a "non-issue".

While I concur that, at US pricing, the Lelit Bianca is probably a "good value" compared to the Pro 600 due to its flow control and rotary pump, both machines seem reasonable choices. I don't know UK pricing too well.


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if I can take a slight detour from the OP's question, and you've mentioned "flow control", I've never had anything close to that option with my Gaggia Classic, so one of the options I'm considering is the ECM Classika w/PID and Flow Control. I know I'm giving up the second boiler but never made a lot of milk drinks, and have one of those Nespresso foamers that let me cheat for cappuccino. $1700 USD. I know there are a lot of machines out there in the price range, and I could just throw up my hands and get a Silvia Pro X, but like the look of all the models in the thread Prof. 300/600. ... duct-specs

If I went with this ECM ClassiskaPID/FC model, what would I be giving up? Only 10" wide compared to a Prof. 600 at 12" wide which may be pushing the footprint. . It's only my wife and myself, and too often she hits the Nespresso button because she doesn't want to wait for me to pull shots for her.