Profitec, Bezzera or Quick Mill espresso machine for milk-based drinks only, budget around $2000

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

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I am trying to decide whether and how much to spend to upgrade from a Breville Barista Touch to a machine in the under $2000US range. I have a Sette 270wi grinder, and really only use the espresso machine for milk-based drinks. Morning coffee is from my Ratio 8, so this is for mid-day 'treats'....

Does it make sense to spend-up? How much? Which machine makes sense for value for money?

There's no where to see machines, so I am relying on a bit of guidance here. I roast my own on Quest M6, so I want good, or even great- but not sure how much the milk levels the playing field to the point that a machine over $XXX is just a 'waste' so to speak.

I am leaning toward the Quick Mill Anita Evo, but am open to suggestions, including moving to a lower-priced alternative. I like my Breville as I can 'whip up' a drink for myself quite quickly. I like that it boots quickly, but figure that an HX machine will be about the same in terms of through-put, since I can then steam and pull shots at the same time.

I am US based, so machines available here from sellers here are preferred.

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#2: Post by jgood »

Are you sure you want a HX machine? If you're not familiar with temp management for HX I would do some reading about it before taking the plunge. I have had good experiences with Quickmill and Chris Coffee (a dealer), but I would seriously consider a double boiler machine if you are a cappuccino fan. I think the difference in type of machine (HX vs DB) is more important than the difference between the major manufacturers, assuming they're all E61s.


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If you're in no hurry then take a look at OE-1. I think it's going to be great and the price is right at 800$. ... =copy_link
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#4: Post by Kryptonicspb »

Not to fanboy this as I just made a few posts about this machine, but the lelit Elizabeth provides extremely dry steam at a very high bar for under $2000 and is a dual boiler w/in my opinion a better performing group than the e61