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I've been looking for a replacement for my EXTREMELY FRUSTERATING Gaggia Classic Pro. I can't beleive so many people recommend that machine which is stuck at 13 bar and requires a maddening amount of luck to pull two shots in a row the same. In a second attempt to join the hobby I'm looking for a machine that I can rule out as being at fault so I can concentrate on what I'm doing wrong and hopefully improve upon.

I don't do many milk drinks (mainly interested in high end shots and Americano's for the GF) but I want to buy once for the next decade or two so I'm looking at double boiler machines. A traditional Machiatto every now and then sounds nice. HX machines seem entirely silly to me unless you are someone who puts milk in everything.

The Profitec 600 and 700 seem to come out on top for everything I think I want. Build quality, temperature consistancy, flow control, shot timer, steam power. What I can't decide is if there is anything between them in shot quality for someone who drinks mainly straight shots and who at most would make two small milk drinks in a weekend? I do not have the ability to plumb in the machine. Am I missing something else the 700 has to offer? I don't mind the $3000-$4000 CAD price point if it is a one time purchase.


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Both machines are at the top of the reliability scale and it's hard to go wrong here. Are you planning to plumb in the water line? Thats a point of difference.


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No plumbing available unfortunately. That's where I want to make sure I'm not missing something. Other than the rotary pump and the larger steam boiler what else do I give up?

The only other concern I've seen raised is with flow profiling shots can go quite long and vibe pumps may not like that in the long run. Then again aparently vibe pumps are quite inexpensive to replace but rotary pumps are fairy expensive.

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The 700's rotary pump would be a bit quieter and more refined sounding, although the 600's vibe pump is mounted on a special damper and is said to be very quiet. If you ever decide you DO want to plumb in at some point in the future, the 700 will give you that option. And if you ever want to bang out several drinks if entertaining, the 700 will be better with its larger boilers and more powerful steam. Personally, for the modest price difference I would go for the 700.
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Good points. I don't live somewhere where I can hear the two machines side by side so this is a tough one for me to quantify.

I can't see myself ever making more than 2-3 milk drinks in an entire day. It's about a $700 CAD difference in the price and the question I always ask myself is can that money be spent somewhere else in the process that will offer a greater in-the-cup return. In other words it gets me a head start on my next (and final) grinder. Another question for another sub-fourm.

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I think you make an excellent point. The 600 also can do 2 bar steaming, but not as large of a boiler but pretty darn good. The pump from what I've read and seen in videos is pretty quiet. They do sell a flow control for it. So if it meets what you need, the extra cash towards a great grinder would be smart imo. Good luck, it's fun to shop for these machines.


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Good discussion above hits the main points well.

If you are pretty certain that in the next few years:

You won't be in a position to plumb in, and would rarely need to bang them out rapid-fire when entertaining

Then yes go with the 600 and put the extra $ into the grinder.


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Thanks everyone for the input. So it seems like I'm not missing anything and the 600 should be identical to the 700 in-the-cup as long as I don't outstrip the 1L steam boiler? I can't envision being able to plumb in or needing more than 4 shots a day 99% of the time.

What I do want is spectacular straight espresso as high a percentage of the time as my skill will allow. Having had a machine that ALWAYS felt like it was fighting my efforts the money will be well spent if the Profitec can simply be dead consistent shot to shot.

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You should be more than fine with the 600. The 700's 2 liter boiler is an overkill if you aren't into many milk based drinks

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Another nice feature of both models is the ability to switch off the steam boiler. If you're only going to be making espresso for a few days straight, you can leave the steam boiler off. This means a quicker startup, and less energy consumption.

That said, you should ensure you do use the steam boiler at least once a week, and pull some hot water so there is fresh water turnover.