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#1: Post by Andrewp »

Hi guys...

Im looking for all of the bad things with the single group Synesso. If you have really bad experiences I want to hear about them.
Anything from they only make crap coffee, after sales service is shite, your machine was damaged on arrival, when you plugged it in it took out your houses power, it was so damn heavy it fell through your cabinetry, the legs fell off and tipped over onto your foot and youre now in hospital, its so noisy you need ear muffs when using it, its tripped your power bill...etc etc

I NEED one of these machines and Im having to have reasons NOT to get myself on tne phone and order one...

Thanks in advance..

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#2: Post by spressomon »

Its been 4-years or so since I was last in shopping mode but when I contacted Synesso, as their 1G was on my short list of 2 machines, they told me they wouldn't sell me a machine due to the fact there wasn't a servicing agent within my geographical area. And I've been super super pleased with my Slayer 1G ever since. YMMV.
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#3: Post by bluesman »

A friend who used to own and operate one of the best shops in the Philadelphia area bought one of the first (if not the first) Synessos in the region. He added another when he opened his second shop about 2 years later, and he had nothing but high praise for the company and their products. Since then, several more have popped up in the area and most have been in use for at least a few years. Another of the best local shops has had one or two single groups in its training room over the years, along with multigroup units serving the customers. Whenever I see one, I ask the baristas and/or shop owners how they like it and what their experience with it has been. I've never heard a discouraging word from any, and it appears that the company has maintained an excellent reputation with the shops around here.

FWIW, the original unit that went into Tim's second shop is still in use there now by the new owners. They had it rebuilt recently after heavy daily use for years. His first one disappeared when the cafe that took over the location upon his unexpected departure closed. The location hasn't been a coffee shop for a long time now, and I couldn't find out where it went. If I could have afforded it (and my wife was OK with the idea, which was not entirely clear when I broached the subject), I would have bought it. I hadn't yet retired, and we were still in our house.

I have to admit that most Synesso owners (home and commercial alike) seem not to take advantage of the amazing flexibility and adjustability in the machines. I also have no idea how intensive or expensive it is to maintain one. But when used well, the coffee is superb and I've heard almost no complaints about the machine or the company.

Andrewp (original poster)

#4: Post by Andrewp (original poster) »

Thank you for the detailed reply. It is greatly appreciated..!

But you have missed the point of my enquiry. You have gone done the liking them road. Im needing people to go down the disliking them road. Cos all youve done now is create more uncertainty about how I get one of these things across the line with the ''war office''

Kind regards Andrew

Andrewp (original poster)

#5: Post by Andrewp (original poster) »

Im awaiting an exact shipping cost from the New Zealand agent..hopefully next week. I think Ill run with it if its not too painful.

Hopefully here before Sanra arrives!


#6: Post by erik82 »

It's kind of stupid to deliberately ask for negative experiences with one of the best manufacturers. Other people are also reading this and your killing the business with this kind of crap.

Just buy one and be happy or maybe Synesso is reading this also and won't sell you one because you're doing this crazy stuff. That would solve your problem without damaging a perfectly good manufacturers reputation. This whole thread should probably be deleted as it holds no value whatsoever.

Andrewp (original poster)

#7: Post by Andrewp (original poster) »

Wow... ok.. seems to have hit a nerve there with you. I think you just need to take a bit of a chill pill..have a cup of tea and sit down or youll give yourself a headache!

Surely you can read by my post it was intended to be read as humor. Ive read everything I possibly can about the Synesso. My LMLM does a great job but Im looking for a machine that is the top of the tree...thats all. Is it going to make any better coffee...I guess that is a debatable topic also. These machines are crazy expensive when compared to others. That is a fact! Not a critism. But...I still need one!
If the moderators feel my humor is offensive ok pull the thread...if that happens then that will be sad.

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#8: Post by russel »

OK, so I'm an owner of a Gen 1 single group Cyncra and I'll weigh in on the negative side...Synesso's machines are huge and made out of a ridiculous amount of stainless steel, making them very very heavy and in need of a large amount of space. Even a 1 group is still built to be a commercial machine, so most of what you're getting for your 10K will be durability and drink making capacity that you'll never use, but you'll cartaily have paid a premium for. The group automation features are similarly commercial-use focused...things like auto post/pre shot flushing don't carry the same value in a home that they do in a shop. Similarly, the adjustable pressure ramping of the new machines is great for a commercial usage pattern, but in a domestic environment I don't think it holds a candle to flexibility and ease of adjustment that several other manufacturers are currently offering.

I love my Cyncra. It's a pleasure to use; literally, the ergonomics are fantastic and better than anything else I've owned, used, or worked on. It's been a pleasure to own as well; it's been easy to maintain, resilient in the face of calamity, and easy to modify thanks to rigorous electrical, hydraulic, and structural designs. At this point however, I think that more home friendly espresso tech is pushing the cutting edge at a greater pace than big commercial machines care/can advance at. I've been looking to unload my Cyncra for a DE1XL for a while now...but I have to get over the ego hit that I'm going to take by moving from a massive 10K stainless steel cod piece to a 5K powder coated ticking vibe pump attached to a commodity tablet...I know it offers more of what I want and can use right now, but it won't carry the same clout in the kit-obsessed online enthusiast communities...nothing says "I spent 15K on my kit" better than a 15K kit (for a variety of reasons I did not actually spend 15K on my currently active Cyncra+EK setup, but that I feel compelled to offer this caveat should tell you/me something about how I'm feeling about it) :P
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#9: Post by pcrussell50 »

spressomon wrote:Its been 4-years or so since I was last in shopping mode but when I contacted Synesso, as their 1G was on my short list of 2 machines, they told me they wouldn't sell me a machine due to the fact there wasn't a servicing agent within my geographical area. And I've been super super pleased with my Slayer 1G ever since. YMMV.
Slayer is super common in Australia, even in smaller cities, far from the MLB-SYD-Brisie corridor. Cairns comes to mind. To the extent that Slayer might consider ANZ a singular region, you might be in luck with Slayer.

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Andrewp (original poster)

#10: Post by Andrewp (original poster) »

Hi Rusel..

Thank also for your detailed reply. I was told by my dealer yesterday that the same internals apply for the single group machines as the commercial monsters. It sure is a hunking beast to sit on any home kitchen!! Is it overkill..well,clearly yes is the answer! Do I want one...hell yes! I have no interest in having my phone or tablety thing clamped onto my espresso machine.
Thanks again.