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Andrewp wrote:My Hydra being finished and packed up for its journey here to New Zealand next week...yay!!...cant wait
Congratulations! Some serious joy is coming with it. :D

Andrewp (original poster)

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Thanks David.

Need to get a hole fashioned into my stainless bench and the hoses over the top of the dish washer which isnt going to be an easy task...Im going to be in a spot of bother if it doesnt

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I had that exact problem. When we moved into the condo, which had a fresh St Charles kitchen with Corian counters, there was a filtered water outlet in the left apron hole in the SS sink. I found a beautiful right angle shutoff valve in brushed SS that fit the hole perfectly. So I installed my regulator, softener and filter housings under the sink and plumbed the outlet into the valve. The SS hose from it to the machine runs on the countertop against the backsplash, protected by a Lexan cover I made to fit.

The dishwasher failed this year, so I figured it'd be a great chance to run the entire line under the counter when the new one was being installed. The dishwasher is between the sink and the drawers under the counter where the ECM lives. I thought it essential to be able to get the hose out without removing the dishwasher or doing anything even more drastic. So I cut a 1" PVC pipe to 2" longer than the distance between the outer edges of the cabinetry on either side of the dishwasher, planning to drill a hole in each side and run it through at the top rear of the dishwasher. My wife was willing to let me drill the counter, since we'll always have an espresso machine there - and by the time we move to the old age home, whoever buys the apartment will undoubted replace the kitchen anyway.

Long story short, the new dishwasher (a Bosch) barely fits in the space under the counter, and there was no clearance for the conduit. Once the dishwasher was pushed all the way in, its insulating jacket came almost to the undersurface of the counter and within 1/2" of the back wall of the recess. So the hose remains at the back of the counter. Bummer!

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Yes well I must admit to being a bit of a bang crash type of a guy...Lets do it now and think about the process and consquences as they arise...because believe me they will
Ive already had words from the importer re the 20amp fuse that Im suposed to have...which I dont but I think we can get around that one. My dish washer is in between where the behemoth will sit and where the motor and water outlet needs to be fed. We have a filtered water line a d my water is very good here anyway thankfully.
What the heck have I got myself in for...?

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My new Hydra is stuck on the boat that cant dock because of the back log at the port its coming into. It could be another 3 weeks of floating around just outside the port waiting to be emptied...thanks Covid!!


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Hey Andrew - I've really enjoyed this thread!

Which branch of Mojo is it in Welly that has the Synesso, is it The Beanery on Lambton? I remember their amazing air roaster but can't recall the machine they had...

Anyway, very excited to see some photos of your machine when it finally arrives. Where abouts in the paradise that is NZ are you based? I had the good fortune to live in Welly for several years and still miss it!

Andrewp (original poster)

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Im in Hastings. I think all the Mojo shops use Synesso though.

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My Synesso arrived in NZ today. Hopefully it gets through Customs without any delay ready for install next week. There certainly is ALOT more to the Hydra than the Mini...

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My Syneso was delivered by the Mojo Coffee sales rep on Wednesday...
Far out...what a beast of a machine!! Fortunately I dont have any height restrictions on my bench. This is a big mesucular brute of a machine. Took two of us to lift it onto the counter. The pump alone could run water for a small island!! Its going to be a real learning curve with the different modes from auto to manual. My grinder was pretty much already dialled in from the LMLM but this is on a totally different scale. Everything is big and heavy..built for battle...hopefully for many years to come.


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Congrats, Andrew, that's awesome! Be sure to post some pics when you have it setup for us to lust after. :p