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Haha I had to make popcorns to continue reading this thread Lol.

Andrewp (original poster)

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So fellow followers of the popcorn dairies...

Ive been to Wellington (NZ capital city today) to view the mighty Cynesso...a 3 machine behemoth...stunning. it sits quite high above the bench so to allow the spaghetti junction of leads underneath... I do (if I progress) have to cut a hole in my stainless steel bench which I need to consider before pulling the trigger on its order. Its definitely quite the machine to behold..a strong muscular beast that shouts quality! I have to say though I wasn't overly thrilled at the "tractor bolts"used to fasten to side plates to the machine. Not quite the right look for such an appliance.
Just my thoughts...

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Make the Speedster work then :) I've had to got through stainless and granite for my speedster - was never an option not too.


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Great read. :D
I've admired the Synesso for years and used to dream of owning one. But now, even if space and money were no problem (they are), I could not bring myself to leave the silent and satisfying world of spring levers.


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Andrewp wrote:Hi guys...

Im looking for all of the bad things with the single group Synesso. If you have really bad experiences I want to hear about them.
Anything from they only make crap coffee, after sales service is shite, your machine was damaged on arrival, when you plugged it in it took out your houses power, it was so damn heavy it fell through your cabinetry, the legs fell off and tipped over onto your foot and youre now in hospital, its so noisy you need ear muffs when using it, its tripped your power bill...etc etc

I NEED one of these machines and Im having to have reasons NOT to get myself on tne phone and order one...

Thanks in advance..
This was in my shortlist of home/commercial machine but the warranty in my area was a big deal and prices in my country are so far away from the SRP/RRP but I had the opportunity to play with the hydra and s200 in a tradeshow and I was really happy with the ergonomics. I would be happy to buy one given the opportunity :twisted: :D


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Andrewp wrote:Wow... ok.. seems to have hit a nerve there with you. I think you just need to take a bit of a chill pill..have a cup of tea and sit down or youll give yourself a headache!

Surely you can read by my post it was intended to be read as humor. Ive read everything I possibly can about the Synesso. My LMLM does a great job but Im looking for a machine that is the top of the tree...thats all. Is it going to make any better coffee...I guess that is a debatable topic also. These machines are crazy expensive when compared to others. That is a fact! Not a critism. But...I still need one!
If the moderators feel my humor is offensive ok pull the thread...if that happens then that will be sad.

He's spot on.
-- Richard

Andrewp (original poster)

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As I said if my post has upset people,admin or Synesso themselves...take it down. I wont lose any sleep!!

The only criticism I had was the side plate bolts...and that is all!

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Andrewp (original poster)

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Hi guys..

A question probably for someone with a Hydra...

Are the leads and hoses under it bulky please? Ive run into a bit of an issue space wise for where I want to put the Synesso if I proceed.

Thank you in advance

Andrewp (original poster)

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Just an update re my Synesso journey..

The NZ dealer (Mojo Coffee) have been great to deal with and have decided to progress with them. Hopefully here before Christmas but Im not holding my breath.

Andrewp (original poster)

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My Hydra being finished and packed up for its journey here to New Zealand next week...yay!!...cant wait. I think I NEED an EK43S