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Andrewp wrote: I have no interest in having my phone or tablety thing clamped onto my espresso machine.
Yeah, I totally get this and it's what has really held me back from mentally committing to the change. On another note, my personal dream machine would be a Kees. A Speedster slipped through my fingers a couple a years ago and I'm still pining...but I would really have to commit to lightening my equipment collection before adding another mega machine. I might sooner add a modern Cremina!

Edit: After eyeing my Cyncra a bit I think I've found a simple way to explain how I feel about it. Standing in front of it, I feel passionately about the first 12", but I'm annoyed that the following 12" have to be there.
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#12: Post by Andrewp (original poster) » mate.... I was on a Speedster myself but my bench is 20mm (1/2 inch) too narrow!!!.... they are similar money

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#13: Post by Chert »

Andrewp: I say pm russel an offer. I think he needs to unburden from great coffee gear a little. :lol:
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#14: Post by bluesman »

Andrewp wrote:all youve done now is create more uncertainty about how I get one of these things across the line with the ''war office''
At least you got as far as planning for one :P

After almost 50 years of marriage, I can honestly say that my wife's been amazingly tolerant of my interests. We (OK - "we") designed and built our house to accommodate some of them. The only furniture in the living room for 3 or 4 years was my grand piano. We had dozens of fine guitars and amplifiers, and cameras from Leica to Rollei. We had a coffee station in the kitchen, and I had an espresso machine in my office. We had a full machine shop in an alcove in the garage (with MIG, TIG, gas, lathe, mill, presses, bending brake) in which I built or restored about 40 vintage and race cars. We had a library/listening room that was home to dozens of high end audio pieces over the years. The only thing she really balked at was the Infinity Reference Standards - I got them in the door, but they left again within a year or so. I think she was intimidated by speakers that were bigger than she is. [SPOILER: DON'T FEEL BAD FOR HER - SHE HAD HER OWN "COLLECTIONS". THE DIFFERENCE IS THAT I COULD AND DID RESELL STUFF TO PAY FOR MORE. SHE JUST GOT MORE.]

But when I started talking about machines like those you're looking at, she was less than overjoyed - especially once we knew we'd be retiring and downsizing soon. Now that we've been retired and in an apartment for a few years, it's clear to both of us (for different reasons, of course) that my ECM is probably as serious a piece of coffee kit as we'll ever have. I hope those of you who can adopt machines like Slayer, Speedster, Synesso etc can enjoy them as much as possible, even if it's only for a brief dalliance. The coffee probably won't be any better than you can make with a good prosumer machine, but the experience is well worth the cost to me!

I even bought a few machines from closed coffee shops and restaurants, but they all had logos or other trappings of commerce. This can be a downer too, when seeking approval - but sometimes it's the only way to afford something extravagant. I had a friend who'd always wanted an S class Benz but couldn't swing a purchase or traditional lease (the alimony and child support were killing him). He got a really great deal on an almost new S380 and picked it up before telling me about it. When I saw it, I realized why he didn't tell me the whole story - he bought it at auction after the feds confiscated it from a gentleman whose business was providing helpful women to men who needed special attention. The good news is that it had enough chrome on it so you could comb your hair in front of almost any surface.

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Crikey if I get anymore replies, comments this thread might end up on in the trending pages...with probably interest from CNN, Don Trump and maybe the Queen..

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Hi David...

Im still laughing at your very detailed account of lifes spending habits. You obviously have a lovely wife!

Ive had 3 Rockets of differing models. Did the job of changing beans to a thick drinkable liquid quite well. Then went to the Mini which I added some wooded accents to along with a smattering of chrome and shiny lazer etched signage. Great machine!
But... the tree is very tall and above the Mini branch sits under the Speedster or a Synesso..etc etc. I also just realised last night while scrolling through here with all my friends that I now needs a Titus grinder!!..
I too got hit with the audio bug.. I have a pair of Tad R1s...stunning speakers on every day that are still being paid off and at 150kgs each Im hopeful they wont be going anywhere soon!
Regards and thank you.

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#17: Post by bluesman »

Andrewp wrote: I also just realised last night while scrolling through here with all my friends that I now needs a Titus grinder!!
Need???? You haven't been married long enough :D

When we first got married (1972), I kinda sorta scratched up our new kitchen table because I assembled my audio electronics on it for a few years. My wife and I discovered together that the corners of a Dyna Stereo 70 chassis can be a bit unkind to butcher block. When we moved to a bigger apartment, I built a pair of 6' high 19" rack cabinets into which I stuffed my Crown tape deck, SAE equalizer, and an assortment of preamps, amps, electronic crossovers, a small oscilloscope, a dBX, and a forced ventilation unit. So the relatively small espresso machine on the kitchen counter was just a minor annoyance.

Maybe if I'd gone for the commercial espresso machine first, I'd have gotten it in successfully - but then the audio stuff would have been over the line. Ya just gotta know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.

BTW, I left out some of the story. Take, for example, the day I came home from the hospital after a 36 hour shift as a surgical resident to discover that my wife had thrown out a box of my 45s from high school. She "needed" the room in the cabinet, and according to her "You haven't played one of those records since we got married!". You win some and you lose some - among those records were Ella Fitzgerald's original "A Tisket A Tasket" and both versions of "You Can't Sit Down" (the Dovels and Phil Upchurch). It took me a few years and over $100 to get another copy of each one she tossed in great shape.

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Aw David...its a pity we dont live closer as Im sure we could swap war stories!!

Ive decided to go to Wellington on Monday and "have a turn" with a Synesso...its about a 4 hour drive from where I live but what the heck...better to be 100% certain. I can only just fit the Synesso on my kitchen bench and after all its a piece of kitchen art so deserves to be on display!

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#19: Post by SteveRhinehart »

erik82 wrote:It's kind of stupid to deliberately ask for negative experiences with one of the best manufacturers. Other people are also reading this and your killing the business with this kind of crap.

Just buy one and be happy or maybe Synesso is reading this also and won't sell you one because you're doing this crazy stuff. That would solve your problem without damaging a perfectly good manufacturers reputation. This whole thread should probably be deleted as it holds no value whatsoever.
If a manufacturer is so concerned with having their faults discussed in public, I would suggest that they simply have no faults.

For the record, I don't think Synesso would actually object to this thread. Rather I think they would welcome it, as they would be open to hearing about avenues for growth and improvement. And they certainly wouldn't blacklist a customer for asking - that is ridiculous.

Andrewp (original poster)

#20: Post by Andrewp (original poster) »

Hi Steve..

Thanks for the reply,comment.

Lets be totally clear here...again... My thread title was aimed at getting people to comment with a bit of fun. Clearly I have NO issue with Synesso... I dont even own one so how could I criticize.
Maybe my thread gets newbies going to their website and they get more sales esquires because of me...and then they they will be inundated and need to build a new factory!!