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#1: Post by CamBam_HB »

I've always bought used machines, but now am considering a new machine. Having never bought a new machine, is pricing just the posted website price? Or can you negotiate a little bit?

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#2: Post by Jeff »

Depending on model, you may be able to negotiate on price.

I think there's a lot more latitude on prices of accessories, as long as you remember that getting something you don't need cheap isn't a great deal.

"Back in the day" when one or more grinder of choice could be bought from the same vendor as the machine of your choice, that often could have gotten a reasonable discount on the total.

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#3: Post by HB »

Many manufacturers require vendors only publicly display Minimum Advertised Prices (MAP), but one you have them on the phone, they can do what they want. It can't hurt to ask for a discount. Some vendors frequently have 5-10% coupon codes floating around, including HB sponsors. That said, if their inventory is low, or worse yet, they have equipment on backorder, you have little room for negotiating a discount.

I'm not a fan of haggling, but have asked for and received 5-10% discounts on large purchases like cars and electronics. Expensive espresso equipment is no different.
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#4: Post by timoseewho »

If you wait around until Black Friday season, some places usually take off the tax (atleast where I'm at in Toronto hehe), not sure if it'll be different with covid though

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#5: Post by BaristaBoy E61 »

Most things in life are negotiable; you have only to try.
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#6: Post by walr00s »

I was purchasing at the lower end of the price spectrum, shopping between September and December of 2020, and found that there was little to no willingness to negotiate price.

CamBam_HB (original poster)

#7: Post by CamBam_HB (original poster) »

Thanks everyone. I've figured there would be some wiggle room in the 5k and up territory. However I wasn't sure if there was much around 1K to 2K.
I've always wondered if shops really pay the MAP for 2 and 3 group machines or if that was just MSRP and the machines cost a bit less.

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#8: Post by baldheadracing »

Due to the way supplier agreements work, it is sometimes easier to get extras included than a lower price on a single machine - for example, a bottomless portafilter, milk pitchers, extra baskets, tamping stations, a longer or better warranty, service agreements, etc. - and coffee; at the very least a bag of coffee.

For example, on the $1500 machine that I bought last year, I paid the listed price but got $100 of accessories, one year in-home service agreement, and coffee. Sure, I never used the in-home service, but ask anyone who has ever had to ship a machine back for warranty service what a hassle that can be ...

On the other hand, I don't dicker on custom work or artisan efforts.