Pop up coffee cart sink solution (no water line)

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For a pop - up coffee cart
There is no water line
I can plumb into a 5L water jug like a espresso machine and out to an empty 5L water jug
Question is what kind of pump / motor should I use for a sink with no water line (same concept as the espresso machine.

Are there ready made solutions i can just pick up at The Home Depot. ect.?

thank you !!

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#2: Post by Marcelnl »

Assuming you have electrical power you can use a ready made 110/230V solution like a Flojet, or use a 12 V battery operated electrical camp/boat water supply pump, or a foot operated pump (camp/boating supplies)
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There is quite a bit of nuance to this whole topic.
I have quite a bit of knowledge on it,
but also Caffewerks.com has some of the best knowledge and product packages on the market.
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