Past and current Decent Espresso users, DE1+ or Pro?

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

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I did do a search but could not find this specific topic, if it is available link and I'll close and I apologize in advance.

Here is my dilemma. I have a wonderful setup at home which I have had great experience with making any drink I want. I prefer small lattes or even flat whites. I enjoy making large lattes for friends and neighbors. Straight shots are now a joy although in the beginning not so much, lol. The pro 700 and the Eureka grinder have been fantastic, grinder is superb after I broke it in.

I have been in the market for a SD grinder and have my eye on one (you know who you are) but do to circumstances regarding my fathers health I have postponed that purchase as long as I can and need a machine to travel with. I want that machine to be a Decent and I'll purchase a grinder as well especially if the one I want is still available. I'm definitely nerding out regarding our hobby and think this will be the best machine to take with me back and forth to Cali from Idaho while caring for my father. I can put it on the counter when I come back home so I can have two machines side by side since I have the room.

I want version 1.4, I want the DE1+ or Pro. My normal way of thinking when I buy stuff I don't need lol, is to buy the most quality I can. So, Decent owners, please tell me if there is any difference in regard to actual espresso Making and milk steaming between the two. Even a little difference I'd like to know about. Based on your experience and recommendations I'll buy one. I want to make the purchase ASAP since there is a waiting list.
Bought a Max, used a Max, then sold the Max. We are splitting hairs.

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#2: Post by TallDan »

Zero difference in the cup. This has been covered by John from decent. The pumps and valves perform identically. If you prefer the shower screen from the pro or the mirror lip you can add those on to the + separately. That and the warranty are the only difference.

Plinyyounger (original poster)

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Gotcha, much appreciated. I've sent him an email as well. Thank you for responding, I just wasn't having any luck finding the info. I'm looking forward to joining the decent pack, it should be fun.
Bought a Max, used a Max, then sold the Max. We are splitting hairs.

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#4: Post by Jeff »

I'd check the DE YouTube channel to hear the v1.3 vs. v1.4 differences straight from John. He covered them a week or two ago (July 18th?) Personally, since I'm not going to use the catering kit and the changes to the group material can be retrofitted to a v1.3, there aren't any differences that matter to me between the v1.3 and v1.4. The mirror used on the PRO lip can be fitted to the + for, as I recall $29.

In addition to the YouTube, there is also


#5: Post by jpreiser »

I recently placed an order for a DE1. After reading/watching about the differences between v1.3 and v1.4 plus the differences in the Plus vs Pro models, I settled on a DE1+. I won't be making that many drinks to justify the Pro pumps/valves and I am planning to use just the water tank for the foreseeable future so don't need the upgraded power supply in the v1.4. I also didn't want the white model which would have required going with the XL.

Most of the upgrade parts seem to be reasonably priced and I am good enough working on gear that I figure I can buy the upgraded components if I ever need them. For now, I will just be ordering the mirror lip and IMS screen to add to the DE1+ when it arrives,


#6: Post by DaveWCII »

I have the DE1Pro v1.3. I got the Pro because the upgrade cost was minimal (vs the total) and I figured it would help with resale later on. While I waited for my unit to be built I was offered the chance to wait longer & get the v1.4. I didn't see anything in 1.4 that made it worth waiting another 3+ months. I'm totally satisfied with my choice.


#7: Post by Stavey »

The warranty on the DE1+ is 2 years the warranty on the DE1+ Pro is 200,000 shots. For an extra $300 it's worth knowing you'll never have to worry about warranty coverage.
This is one reason I ordered the De1+ Pro.

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#8: Post by TallDan »

Both have a two year warranty. The additional warranty on the pro doesn't benefit you unless you average 14 or more shots a day.


#9: Post by Stavey »

This is rite off the overview of the DE1+ pro "guaranteed to 200,000 shots." The DE1+ is "2 years or 10,000 shots " says this on their site as well.
I also emailed them before purchasing . Commercial grade vs home grade for >
$300 seamed like a no brainer


#10: Post by jpreiser »

From the DE warranty page:
All our products have a two year warranty.
Plus, the comparison table.