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Maybe you missed the pic I posted above where it says EXTENDED warranty. Fact is the Pro has a longer warranty than the de1+ . A lot longer. It's rite above in black and white . Email them if you'd like I did.

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Randy G.

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It does say it is "guaranteed to 200,000 shots." In a commercial setting that could go by quickly, but in home use, even counting a 'double' as two shots, if you make four doubles a day, it would take approximately 68½ years to reach 200,000 shots. That means that if I had bought one the day I was born, and made four doubles a day, the warranty would have expired on April 22.. OF THIS YEAR! :lol:
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I got a DE1PRO just because I didn't want to think about warranty, full well knowing that I'd never likely reach 10,000 shots, let alone 200,000. Also thinking a PRO would hold resale a bit better if I chose to sell it. I saw no value to me in waiting for 1.4, the differences are minimal and don't affect me. They will likely be backward compatible if I did want to do them but I still see no reason to.

If you wait, the machine gets more expensive.

v1.3 has the GHC (group head control), which I think is a game changer over v1.0/1.1. Its well worth the cost but to me the incremental changes in v1.4 don't warrant worrying about.

On a grinder, you'll want to make sure you are well covered in that department. With DE you can push limits and the grinder can easily become the weak link, even if you have a moderately decent grinder already.
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#14: Post by Plinyyounger »

Excellent info so far, I appreciate it. So far from my brethren here and the web site after further searching it appears both hone versions make the same espresso and steam.

Other things brought up also make sense, including but not limited to the warranty's and re-sale. I keep changing my decent website cart after each of your posts! Lol. Right now I have the DE1+ v 1.3, but I've added and deleted the pro v1.4, v1.3 too, lol.

One of my concerns is the V1.4 power supply may offer abilities down the line. I really very much appreciate you all for sharing your thoughts thus far!


Concerning grinders, I do have confidence in my eureka, it really is a great grinder. However, I have my eye on a single dose with big flat burrs, if I can get that at a great price I'll buy both the machine and additional grinder at the same time.


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John has said the power supply would be field upgradable as a kit with new bracket. The model number is available if you have the proper connectors and tooling, and probably a roll of double-stick tape.


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I was confused on warranty as well so appreciate all the responses. It sounds like the PRO and XL offer extended warranty beyond 2 years to 200,000 espressos. But it does seem a bit confusing as most most warranties (for cars at least) expire when you hit either milestone (time or miles). In any case, after much debate I am going to go with a black XL 1.3, as I like the slightly more substantial size and pro steam wand. Finally ordering tonight!

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Congrats, I hope to be right behind you and order mine this weekend. I'm going to wait for more responses to see if anyone has more info to push me one way or another.


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Plinyyounger wrote:if anyone has more info to push me one way or another
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Well give me the numbers and I'll buy everyone on the site a decent. :D


#20: Post by TallDan »

I think you're being quite unrealistic thinking that the warranty is any longer on the pro than the plus for low volume usage. Do you really think that if you pull 5 shots a day you're going to have over 100 years of warranty coverage? Decent is fantastic company and they fully stand behind their products, but that is an absurd expectation. Like every warranty there is, it's X shots or 2 years, whichever comes first. Now, if you have a 2.5 year old machine with a problem, I'll bet they'll take care of you, but you should not expect it.