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Congrats! Great choice
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If you want some help drinking all those 'test shots' I'm happy to help. I'm in Portland (mostly- kinda nomadic these days) and planning to get a Decent (once I am not nomadic). Would love to play with it a bit. Happy to supply some beans.

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Scheissami (original poster)

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Ha, I'd be up for that. Gonna be a few months before the Decent arrives, hopefully by then the pandemic will have settled down. It seems small enough that it would be easy to drag onto the porch :)

BTW, judging by your Avatar name, I bet we have some friends in common (though I've been out of the climbing for a long time now--kids, finger injury).


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Yeah I'm a pretty active climber around here, and (was) active in the Mazamas and such. I've been nomadic for the past 5yrs and might leave the area for Europe or the south in November - but if it comes before then I'd love to play. I came close to buying an older Decent from the board here - it was a decent (haha) price and in VA where my family could pick it up. But being nomadic (or as they say around here, "Experiencing Houselessness"), it just doesn't make sense. I'll send a PM with my contact info.