Opinions on upgrading to a Sanremo You or La Marzocco Linea Mini

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.
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Hi all,
Long time lurker and it's upgrade time. A few years ago I bought a Salvatore heat exchanger from number9 on the forum and it's been a staple on my counter [SOLD] Salvatore Famosa (Siena) semi automatic, copper and jade. A few group gaskets later, and I find myself using a Breville Bambino more and more during the week because of it's quick time to temp. But the Salvatore still pulls great shots on the weekend, and the steam power is unreal.

Life happens, job promotions happen, and I'm in a position where adding another machine isn't the worst financial decision I could make. Right now my top 2 contenders are the Linea Mini, and the Sanremo You. Both very different machines I know. The LM hits all of the design aesthetics, and I trust the build quality. It also seems like the most utilitarian workflow, which I like for the simplicity side of things. The Sanremo You is an entirely different beast. It hits all of the profiling itches, and would give me room to play with different extraction recipes beyond what the LM can do. The You build quality is an unknown - I've used their machines in cafes before but know that doesn't mean anything about the build quality of their consumer line.

It's also a rainy Thursday on a slow workday, so I wanted to hear from other people which way they could lean.

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#2: Post by Happymonday »

I'm not particularly experienced in this space, but the You is my target machine. I like the control aspect and the profile management of the You over the LM. I guess the downside for the You is the boiler size. LM is a clear winner there. LM has a classic look, but I slightly prefer the Sanremo. Right now I'd probably take the You over a used GS3 MP as well.

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If you're not in a hurry, you could get a Specht gear pump LM. It turns the LM into a Strada with fully variable pressure control in the paddle.

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Like you said, they are machines aimed at different desires. The LM is a barista style machine while the You is a tech focused machine. Depends on what itch you want to be scratched. On a more objective note, the LM is widely available and has been on the market so there is less unknown about its reliability. I'd probably lean more toward a decent if tech is what is desired but I know the aesthetic is polarizing.

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Thanks all for the replies. Still mulling it over and watching for forums for experience reports on the You as it makes it into peoples' homes.

@Arafel. I had no idea about Specht and their customizations. Do I see in your sig that you have one? How's the gear pump!?!? The pressure control without a screen sounds like a totally different beast (in line with some Biancas I've used). How's reliability been?

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I do have a Specht, and I am in love. It is the perfect machine. The gear pump is very quiet. I have the machine plumbed in and can ramp pressure from 3 to 9 bar at any setting I want. The gear pump mod also includes a shot timer in the paddle assembly. If you don't plumb it in, you can do variable pressure from 1 to 9 bar.

Specht just changed suppliers on their gear pump as well to something that is supposed to have even longer life.

I can't speak to reliability because I've only had it for 1 month, but it should be very reliable. It's a commerical grade machine.

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The Specht machines look amazing. I don't see any option to get one with a gear pump on their site. Was that a custom request?

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The gear pump is part of their custom process.

They source the gear pump from Rick Bonds - aka the coffee machinist: http://coffeemachinist.com.au - or at least they used to.

You can always buy a LMLM - new or used and do the mod yourself. Rick has been selling the mod directly. That is what I did and the EMP gear pump mod is incredible.

The SR You is interesting, I'm definitely interested in hearing more about it over time.

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#9: Post by BaristaBob »

So with the price of the YOU at $7900, what does a gear pump modded Specht LMLM price out to be?
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#10: Post by neirda »

Hello dockoelboto
Did you installed the emp mod yourself ?
Any difficulties ? Everything fit inside the machine ?
Only plumbed in, or working with water tank ?
Thk you