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#11: Post by Jacob »

Ken Fox wrote:I have seen most of these grinders in person, at least the Mazzers and the Compak. There is not a single one of them that I would have in MY kitchen. They are all TOO BIG and TOO out of scale and I might add, maybe even TOO UGLY. And this comment is coming from a single guy who has 2 Cimbali Juniors and 2 commercial grinders in his kitchen, so you know that I'm off the deep end in this regard, i.e. toleration for espresso equipment in a domestic kitchen.
I'll have my Robur re-housed with the electronics under the counter :twisted:

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#12: Post by welone »

Teme wrote:As far as I know, you should expect a 17 gram double in less than 7 seconds.
... However, I hear that the K10 retains a fair amount of coffee in the grinding chamber and in the chute (as do all of the conical burr grinders).
Just tested out the speed of my compak - it's running on 230V/50 Hz - it took me between 7 and 8 seconds to grind through 17 grams - tested it out three times with my rather dark roasted :cry: harrar.

And about the retention of coffee in the exit chute:
17.1 g - was the amount I putted in; 12.6 g - came out of the exit chute; 16.1 g - were reached by cleaning out the exit chute with a small plastic spoon
and finally 16.8 g - by letting the empty grinder run for another few seconds and cleaning out the exit chute a second time

[EDIT] the measurement doesn't include the residual coffee which is stuck inside the grinding chamber, which is another 4-5 g

BTW: on my version of the grinder there was a lid in front of the exit chute which triggers automatic refiling of the doser; I had to get rid of it to be able to access the exit chute.

and if you want a hint of the noise level; I could record a head to head of the K10 and a Gaggia MDF :wink: