Opinions for a new espresso machine?

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.
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Hi all!

I have an inherited ECM Mechanika that lasted ~24 years. It was my in-laws first "good espresso maker" and he passed it on to us once he upgraded. I kept it alive for as long as I could, but now, the time has come to give its well-deserved rest.

Unfortunately, we do not have the $$ to buy another Mechanika. So I am looking at similar options. I have ~1200 for a new machine, and can go up to 1500

Our grinder still works pretty good, so my plan is to upgrade first just the machine, which is the most urgent need.

Our use is of 4-6 shots/day, and me and my partner enjoy both daily espressos and cappuccinos
(I'm going to be honest and admit that it also depends on the bean quality hahaha, sometimes we do cappuccinos because we get a "not-that-great" bean).

That being said, I am mostly doubting between:
Lelit MaraX V2 (1215 euros)
Bezzera Magica PID (1489 euros)
ECM classica II PID (1499 euros)
Profitec pro 400 (1400 euros)

There are also some Sage's I have been looking at, but not sure, since I haven't read too much about those. Anyway, If there is any option that I left out (specially cheaper options :D ), please let me know!

Looking forward to your input!

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#2: Post by Jeff »

If your machine is truly past the point of no return, of those machines, the Mara X is the one I would own myself. Its "effortless" temperature management (compared to any other HX I know of, with or without a PID) differentiates it from the other E61 boxes in its class. Other than that, it is possible to make a worse-than-peers E61 HX, but I think the better ones are all about the same. Some other opinions at Lelit MaraX Review and the user-experience threads here.

The Sage/Breville dual boiler ("BDB") is well regarded, especially among tinkerers, but at least in the US is a $1700 machine. There aren't any other Sage/Breville machines that I know of that I think are better than the Mara X.