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#1: Post by hamos1977 »

Hello everyone

I am a life long coffee lover but I am pretty new to home brewing, having just bought a Sage Barista express machine.

I am based in London. If there are any UK users here could I have some advice on some of the best online options to buy roasted beans?



#2: Post by Torbj0rn »

Not UK based, but in the past I have bought coffee from UK and Square mile and hasbeen is good.


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#4: Post by hamos1977 »

Thanks, I subscribed yesterday to the UK coffee forum so will explore further


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My favourite are Square Mile, Rave and Foundry Coffee roasters


#6: Post by Zwiggy »

I know many love Square mile but I really don't enjoy it. A bit too fruity for my liking. Also quite expensive.

I tend to prefer more traditional chocolate / nutty type flavors and some of my favorites all of which do online deliveries are the below. I also normally find the house/signature espresso to be the best.

Bad Hand
Climpson & sons


#7: Post by hamos1977 »

Thanks everyone.

I work close at the Monmouth at Borough market, so will give it a try tomorrow (and will check Square mile so I have personal experience!)


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Zwiggy wrote: Also quite expensive.
The bags are 350g