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Thought to provide an update to the community:

Reminder: I have Breville Barista Express (BBE) and Breville Smart Grinder Pro. I wanted to adventure myself in the flat burr world, taste more the light/medium roast for both espresso, drip/pour over and soon areopress (when the glass version comes out in 2024, I can't make myself brew coffee in plastic)

I went with the following two grinders during the holidays to have time to familiarize myself with them.
1x DF64V with 64mm stock Diamond Like Coating (DLC) burr
1x DF64V upgraded with 64mm SSP Multipurpose (MP) Red Speed Coated (RSC) burr

- 64mm flat burrs for home usage should be enough
- Small footprint on counter + Variable Speed + good price
- Stock DLC is similar to SSP High Uniformity (HU) (Burr design + taste)
- SSP MP RSC was upgraded to experience flat burr + light/medium roast higher clarity with Pour Over / Drip and perhaps espresso
- Easy to open up, clean up and change the burrs.

I bought them from, their sales support was great, they were patient with all my questions, responded to my queries within 24 hours turnaround, they shipped quickly (with tracking #) upon purchase and received both grinders within 1 week time (I live in Canada). The website is definitely legit! Both grinders arrived very well packaged and perfectly aligned (I did the marker test!) and at a very competitive price.

Quick first-glance feedback from a newbie amateur coffee guy:

- Really small footprint, perfect for small counters (Confirmed!)
- Quiet (brushless) when not grinding (Confirmed !)
- Easy to open, to clean and align the burrs ( If I can do it, you can do it )

- Noisy when grinding but it's not for too much time (shouldn't bother the average person since 18-50g doesn't take much time)
- The chute cup might be a tad small for a 40-50g for drip/pour over (Need to buy a special cup for drip/pour over for 2 people)
- Ross Droplet Technique (RDT) required to reduce static (might bother some people but not me)

DF64V Machinery Feedback

- When disassembling and re-assembling for cleaning, ensure you put the wavely metal washer spring the same way & position because it might cause a variation in size dialing when re-assembling ( I just did it a few times, not sure perhaps a human assembling mistake)
- I currently adjusted the grinder to start touching at -1 so that it's easy to remember the grinder number or knowing right away when something changed after re-assembling because then the grinder won't start touching at -1 anymore.

Usage Feedback from a newbie amateur
- I managed to get a good dial setting from the 1st pull (lucky!), no channeling whatsoever (Grinders are calibrated to touch at -1)
- I am grinding DF64 stock DLC approx ~15 dial for medium-dark, pre infusion 7sec, 40s, 18g,1:2 ratio
- I am grinding DF64 SSP MP RSC approx ~19 dial for medium-dark, pre infusion 7 sec, 30s,18g,1:2 ratio
- The Breville Barista Express (BBE) built-in canonical grinder seems to be good for medium-dark espresso, the taste is very similar to the DF64V stock DLC burr. I don't believe I will be able to get a big "wow" moment with medium-dark roasts using the DF64V stock DLC burr versus BBE built-in canonical burr. Time will tell, perhaps my taste buds are not developed for coffee yet. (They do work for cooking food, making spices from scratch, whiskey, tea and cigars )

- DF64 stock DLC 1600rpm burr gives a less mouth body feel taste than BBE built-in Canonical grinder but still has depth in flavor. Perhaps a turbo shot on BBE Canonical grinder might give a similar flavor but with less extraction... not knowledgeable enough in this area.

- DF64 SSP MP RSC 1600rpm gives an even lesser body mouth feel than DF64 stock DLC and BBE built-in Canonical grinder.

So basically DF64V small footprint and price point allows you to buy 2 grinders for the price of Lagom 64. Having 2 grinders with different burrs with variable speeds allows you to have a different spectrum of geometry grinding, different particles distributions and some control on the fine particles using the variable speed.

Next step is learning to better dial the grinders with these new burrs and then moving to the light/medium roast.

Hope this helps anybody thinking about buying a grinder or considering buying the DF64V


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Thanks for the great information ChefRayB!
I'm looking at buying a DF64gen 2 right now and being a fellow Canadian i was wondering if you had to pay Duty or tax to FedEx upon receiving both of your grinders. And if i my ask how do they hold up so far?

Thanks in advence