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#41: Post by Cuprajake »

Depends what you value in a machine

But they are as different as they are similar.

Atm there are only 2 dual boiler lever machines

Eventually they will probably become the norm as they have much more stable temp control than the old school levers do,

Having said that there are so many great ways to make espresso,

I've always been one to ask lots of questions, I question everything till I get an answer I find adequate.

Anyways I've sold my lever now, so I can step back a little and not get dragged into it as much

I do know every inch of an Evo lever should people want to ask a question though.

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#42: Post by jamesz »

wrote:... They're basically the same machine.
Exactly! I see them as dual boiler pump machine with spring/piston as pressure profiler and slightly different features.

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#43: Post by PaoloC »

Ad-85 wrote:I'd wait until Paolo reveals his secrets then decide. Should be interesting!
:D i have no secret, normally i try to copy others and make the samething better.
Well for someone our interface it's not intuitive and i tried to make it as simple as i can just pushing a dedicated button that will tell you what you are setting read the temp in C and F + and - to change the paramenters and than set to go back. Other prefer pushing different times one button, probably next time i'll avoid the decimal due of the fact that others not show them.
I tried to figure that if a customer need to change a preinfusion pressure just push a button set and that's it but probably it's much better to move a 45 kg machine on a wooden bench to set the pressure screwing something, anyone have different point of view.
In the 2015 i started to sell our Vostok that was the first lever machine that warm up in 15 minutes, i aspect that after 7\8 years someone should make something more clever but it's not. At this stage i can say that i'm working on a new heating system just to make something different, it's always a copy..........
In any case i would like to say that our system is capable to set the preinfusion from 1 to 6 bars, in the standard machine the preinfusion start from 1,2 to 1,5 bars in the single boiler i mean. In other machines they cannot go under 2,5 bars otherwise the system are unable to fill the steam boiler. If you want to make a better lever machine you should make a machine that can handle all the basic function of the standard machine and than add more features, i'm sure that someone will say that go under 2,5 nothing change in the cup. There are many companies that the first thing that they say abou their machines is "our machines have an incredible temp stability" than after many months change totally the logic function of the pid because probably something its wrong or not? But it was already stable why change? Ah proably i undestand the reasons, all the other manufacturer of high level machine use a separate parameters for different boilers and group..... Most of manufacturer add useless features and parts!!!
The automatic shot for me means that the brewing can be stopped precisely when the right qty it's reached and his reapetibility, in this case you can steam the milk or making something else witout take care to stop manually the shot, of course you can alway stop manually if you want. If i have to stay near to the machine waiting to stop i can simple remove the cup as normally the people do and honestly i have to say that this system was born especially for commercial use more than a home.
When i design a machine i always think at the function and the safety especially when we manage satuated boilers, i'll choose myself which are the solution that the machine need, even to met the actual safety regulation, i'll not wait a comment of an end users and i'll not leave the decision to use a specific system always to the end user especially if this can make an injury because i'm responsible of my machines.
I don't know if i can use the right words, i'm sorry for my bad english, but My final point is that we should not look at the form but the substance, instagram, facebook, forums often make something different than the reality, fortunately in the coffee machines there are other many things rather than the design even if i would like to remind that our Vostok was designed in the 2014....

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#44: Post by PaoloC »

jamesz wrote:Exactly! I see them as dual boiler pump machine with spring/piston as pressure profiler and slightly different features.
so basically every coffee machine on the market are the same, like the cars, all are the same, have 4 weels some seats and engine!!! :lol:

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#45: Post by DaveC »

RyanP wrote:as far as I'm concerned they are more similar than different,

and more to the point, this ongoing "my machine is better" debate between these two users over several threads is getting old.
Well technically they are very different...but I do agree that the debate over which machine is better is pointless. I had to lock down the topic with same thing on my forum...until people calm down.

Sadly when the discussion moves away from facts, no one gains, least of all the manufacturers and potential purchasers. I'm all about making machines better, improving them. Debates that are not constructive and factual, don't do that.

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#46: Post by Primacog replying to DaveC »

Dave, I fully agree with u in both your statements that the two machines are technically different and that it is pointless to argue which machine is better. I will say that for fans of one machine to directly compare their favourite machine with another machine to expressly claim theirs is better is not advisable at all.

In response to @RyanP, before this thread, I had never said the nurri is "better" than another machine in other forum or this forum and i have always been respectful of other machines including the evo and I have always stressed that the evo and vostok are indeed good machines from all rhe reports and their feature set. However the many debates that have sometimes led to thread locks in this forum and other forum have invariably been driven by evo owners who have been making adverse comments on the nurri sometimes outright to the point of saying their evo is better, and me defending the nurri machine there to state my views concerning their often subjective and erroneous points. It finally came to the point in this thread where cuprajake outright said on HB that evo is better which finally drove me to respond in kind to him. Was it what I wanted to do? No, but a line was crossed.

Still, for this thread a kind of history has been made because for the first time in my experience, a manufacturer has made in a popular global forum a product comparison with 'other machines' (when it is quite clear what machine he is ref to) and rather than talking solely about the product features of his own machine. I think this is going to set a very unhealthy precedent for the future if it causes other manufacturers to respond to defend their product...
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#47: Post by Cuprajake »

Oh give off.

Machines get lorded every day of the week, you just can't see past your machine

I'm allowed an opinion and my opinion was stated that I feel the Evo is better laid out internally than the nurri

And that my personal preference wasn't for the mechanical nature of the shot stop

Not once questioned it in cup,

You are single handedly trying your best to promote the nurri, every thread near every post you make you bring it up

You twist every reply some one makes,

You won't leave the subject alone

I'm done with you now,

As I'm getting close to a ban

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#48: Post by TomC »

Break time while folks consider our guidelines once again.

Guidelines for productive online discussion
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#49: Post by HB »

I see a lot of similarity in the discussion here and Concerns about member's posts. When to report? I'll offer the same advice:
HB wrote:I remind those contributing to this thread of the site's Guidelines, notably "Be respectful" and "Encourage positive, shared discourse".

As an obvious example, saying "I think product XYZ is overpriced" is fine. Saying "Anyone who buys product XYZ is a fool" isn't. Sure, you might think they're a fool, but it's disrespectful and counterproductive to "call them out" publicly. Similarly, if you think another member isn't adhering to the spirit of the Guidelines, report the message and moderators will handle it. Calling someone out in the forums rarely ends with "Thank you for letting me know that I am a <insert insult here>, I will try to do better". :lol:
TL;DR - let moderators handle it.
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