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#31: Post by scotthep »

Clive dropped their price on the Nurri to $5300/5500 USD depending on chrome or color metal panels.

Much more tempting now but still waiting to see where the Vostok lands.


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I made a total mess of the preparation routine this morning -i forgot that I had left the grinder on very fine settings for the light roast beans from yesterday and thus ground the dark roast beans at way too fine a setting. Then I got distracted and allowed more than 50 seconds to pass on the extraction instead of ending the shot earlier. So by rights the latte should have tasted foul. Instead it was actually very drinkable and better than many cafes where i am at would have served their latte. This is how I find daily life wirh my Nurri leva - I never have a sink shot and it's always at least nice to exceptional for my tastes.
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#33: Post by salvia »

The white and black models pictured on Clive's website seem to show a different revision of the Nurri Leva compared with the Stainless model-unless there are other differences between the different colorways, which would seem unusual.
Compare the design of the manometers and, some sort of fitting just above the drip tray on the stainless model, and the size of the Nurri logo.


#34: Post by Primacog replying to salvia »

Both those images that you shared are older stock photos. The Nurri leva currently has slight differences from the form shown in those photos. You can see the actual demo unit that Clive has here ... 3183880863
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