Nuova Simonelli Oscar and Hey Cafe HC-600 - First Impressions

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Postby Bezman » Dec 17, 2011, 7:34 pm

Well, the new equipment I ordered arrived. Although I don't have any unboxing images to share, I might upload a pic of the setup later on.

The summary of everything I'm about to say is simple - buying the Gaggia Evolution + Nemox Lux was something I would not recommend to anyone. The inconsistency of my previous setup made coffee a huge frustration. I think an Ascaso i-mini + a macchineta would product tastier and more consistent coffee at a fraction of the cost.

But all of that is water under the bridge, now to the new equipment. The first few shots I pulled with the Oscar are better than anything I have ever made with the Evolution (and trust me, I tried) and are way ahead of anything I can get in a local cafe. I'm not a master of the HX cooling flush, and my stepless grinder is still way off and I've been using coffee that was stuck in the doser chamber for a couple of hours while I was reading the manuals and cleaning around and still the end result is so much better.

But really, the most exciting thing is that there is no more waiting. I can pull shot after shot after shot (really helped while dialing in the grinder) and grind enough coffee for 10 shots while still preparing one.
I can actually enjoy the preparation the shots.

All in all I'm very happy. I still need to get a bottomless portafilter to actually see what I'm pulling, but at least it's drinkable every time.

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