Not sure it's worth upgrading grinder (Eureka Facile).

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by 13ryan »

Currently using a Eureka Mignon Facile grinder with a Profitec Pro 600. Looking to upgrade my Facile but have gone down somewhat of a rabbit hole on which grinder to upgrade to. I prefer more sweet, chocolatey, smooth espressos and it seems flat burr grinders are better suited for that. A few grinders I'm considering are, Eureka Oro XL and Single Dose Version once it's released, Lagom P64, and Kafatek Monolith Titan flat. Will there be a noticeable difference in grind quality and taste, upgrading from my current Eureka Facile to a Eureka XL, Lagom P64, and Kafatek Monolith Titan?

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#2: Post by ira »

Given what you've listed as choices I think I'd recommend the Monolith MC-4 if you can get one. I know it's conical, but I think it might be a better choice than the ones you've chosen.


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13ryan (original poster)

#3: Post by 13ryan (original poster) »

Thanks for the recommendation Ira. I was actually considering the Monolith Titan Flat burr model. I guess I'm just trying to justify paying $2700 for a grinder. Will there be that noticeable of an increase in quality from a Eureka XL to Lagom P64 to Kafatek Monolith Titan?

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#4: Post by ira »

I have a Monolith Flat and I wouldn't trade it for anything else, thought I have an Ultra on order for the office so maybe that will change. I'm just not sure for your stated preference that the flat is better than the conical. But I would wait for someone else, I've never seen an MC-4, just watch how it's been reviewed.

FWIW, I always put milk in my drinks so I'd probably be as well off with a Niche, but the Monolith is just stupid proof.


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#5: Post by Jeff »

13ryan wrote:I prefer more sweet, chocolatey, smooth espressos and it seems flat burr grinders are better suited for that.
It's my impression that people are finding that classic espresso is easier to dial in and perhaps smother on conicals and classic flats rather than modern flats with many of their current burr sets. If you do decide to go with something with SSP or other modern burrs, read carefully before choosing. When you're doing so, remember that the burr naming is seemingly random both in words and in that 64 mm and 98 mm naming isn't consistent.

If I were spending upscale in price, I'd go with a platform that will get burr updates as they are better understood. Today's baby burrs will almost certainly be considered the ugly stepchild a few years from now. (I'm waiting on what I consider a well-engineered and executed, 98 mm grinder, as my preferences have shifted to light roasts, far away from the textures and flavor profiles of classic espresso blends.)

You may well be satisfied with a Niche Zero and its smooth workflow for classic espresso. My Compak K10 WBC is nearly imperceptibly different in the cup, but the ease of use of the Niche draws me back. The DF64 with SSP burrs and some mods intrigues me. The Eureka grinders seem to have a strong following and seem to be among the better-quality classic flats out there.

13ryan (original poster)

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Thank you for the insight Jeff and Ira... to be completely honest, I'm super new to the espresso game. I also drink most of my espressos with milk, now I am thinking it would be complete overkill to go for a grinder above the $1000 US cost. I've am definitely interested in the Niche Zero, and strongly considered it before I purchased my Eureka Facile however they're just so damn hard to find... :(


#7: Post by erik82 »

Considering your taste preference I'd go for a big conical. Going from the pretty small 50mm burrs on your Facile there's a ton of room for improvement. A Niche zero/every big conical will blow it away in terms of grind quality but even more in terms of consistency. Going 80mm or above will be a massive upgrade.

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#8: Post by mgwolf »

Given your taste preferences and your newish interest in home espresso, I would look for a Niche. It's easy to use, gives much more bang for the buck than any other grinder available, and will give you excellent coffee. If you get upgraditis in 3 or 4 years you can sell it and get something else. I've compared Niche back to back with Kafateks and for many medium/dark blends they were often indistinguishable (on my non-blind tastings). I didn't try light roasts where there would be a more pronounced difference (since I don't like light roasts). Remember the burrs on the Niche are from the Robur which is a commercial quality grinder.
I'm sure you would be happier with the Niche than the Facile.

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#9: Post by BruceWayne »

The Niche uses Kony burrs, not Robur, but that's still a high quality commercial grinder. If you want a Niche, just sign up for their mailing list. The last US pre-order allotment was available for about a week vs. ~1 day for the end of June pre-orders, and afaict, EU allotments have stopped running out.

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#10: Post by mgwolf »

The Niche uses Kony burrs/quote]

I knew that -- yesterday. :)