Normcore 53.3mm tamper with La Spaziale Vivaldi II

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I have been intrigued by the decent self-leveling tamper, but it only comes in a 58mm version. I recently came aware of the Normcore which makes a 53.3mm tamper that will fit my La Spaziale. However, I went to youtube and saw a review in which the "travel" of the tamper was stated to not be enough for the Vivaldi.

Anyone with experience with the Normcore and the Vivaldi portafilter?

jcran17 (original poster)

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In light of no responses, I decided to contact the manufacturer. They noted a travel length of 17mm. Based on my measurements, it should work within the range of my dosage. I ordered one today and will update this post should someone have a similar question down the line.


#3: Post by Rashkh »

Any update on how well the tamper works with the Vivaldi? I've got an A53 on the way and am looking to pick one up.


Edit: I decided to order the 53.3mm version and it's slightly looser than I'd like. There's always some grounds on the walls of the basket. I've ordered a 53.5mm tamper from Eazytamp which I'm expecting to fit perfectly.


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Let us know how the eazytamp works out