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Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#21: Post by foam2 »

See line up of all 3.

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#22: Post by Jeff »

At least in the US, the Lagom isn't easy to get. ... b-optio-pp

"Winter pre-order expected to deliver April 2021. Next pre-order opens late spring 2021 for summer delivery."

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#23: Post by Chrikelnel »

I'm in a similar situation, I got in on the Niche pre-order a couple months ago before deciding to bite the bullet and just go for the Max I really wanted. Niche is arriving this week and Max is still at least 3 months away. Can't decide if I want to use the Niche in the meantime (I am curious because everyone loves it) or maximize my money by selling it new in box. Judging by what they sell for on eBay I may just sell it straight away and live with my Kinu for now.


#24: Post by cjhacker23 »

That is a lovely dilemma to have! I also have a Max on preorder, but after having a heart-to-heart with myself about the limits of my own tastebuds to fully appreciate such a machine, I ordered the D64. It will arrive months before my Max, plenty of time to see if it will suit my needs. If so, great. I can sell the preorder. If not, well... even if I resell the D64 at half what I paid for it, it will have been worth it, just to test drive it for a few months.

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#25: Post by drgary »

Tim Wendelboe recommends the Niche Zero on his site, so I wouldn't rule it out for light roasts. I'm with the others to recommend that you try both. Make sure it is a blind tasting. If you sold either at that point they would be just broken in.

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#26: Post by cskorton »

I'm in a similar situation to you and asked the same question.

I currently have a Kinu m68 conical, which I'd imagine is similar to a niche in the cup. I tried hard to fight off the curiosity bug but ultimately lost because I really want to try a flat. I couldn't bring myself to spend $3k on monolith or versalab m4, nor 2k on a lagom.

So I went the "cheap" route and preordered a G-Iota (also considered a Mignon XL). If you can wait a couple months you'll hear a lot more comparisons (one from me coming). The G-Iota thread is a great read too comparing a flat vs the niche (spoiler alert: people tend to like the flat better but ymmv).

I'm only going to keep one grinder and I'll simply sell the other one. Doubt I'll lose much money, both are high in demand and low in supply. Who knows, if I fall in love the G-Iota flat I may one day convince myself to get a super expensive flat like one of the ones previously listed.

Wish this was a cheaper hobby and I wasn't so curious!

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#27: Post by Viper.gts (original poster) » replying to cskorton »

Spontainious decided to take the same route. So biught Giota now also. Not sure if it then makes sense to keep both. If I discover that I prefer the flat burrs over conical I might sell both and go for a lagome.