Niche Zero Order Placement Fiasco for June Shipment [Rant]

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#1: Post by okolop »

This morning was a disaster. You'd know if you were one of the people who rushed in to place your order for NZ for June shipment.

I got a notification yesterday that a new batch of NZ will be available on April 6th 2021 at 2 PM GMT, which is 9 AM where I live.
I triple checked that conversion to make sure I don't hang around the wrong time.

When I got on the computer at around 8:30 this morning to start a madman F5 spree, I saw that some of the new batches were already sold out, only 14 white ones left for the US/Canada folks. I quickly tried to place an order, but it didn't go through...

Just what the hell happened there? Did the order go available before 2 PM GMT? Why?? Did they give us the wrong time to begin with??

I am ever so frustrated because like many of you I'd been waiting for this since beginning of the year.

Anybody else had this issue?

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#2: Post by GregoryJ »

It seems like many people had that issue. They sent out another email today saying "1 hour warning, preorders available at 2pm UK time". I don't know if they suddenly realize that GMT and UK time weren't synched up or what.

They had some available at end of Feb, and some today (the biggest lot I've seen so far). So chances are in 4-6 weeks they will be available again, maybe even in larger quantity.

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#3: Post by zjohnson »

I managed to get one this morning, indiegogo seemed to be having major tech issues though. Their website was down right when they were starting the sale. I think it was the Niche hug that did it :shock:

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#4: Post by Mech33 »

I suspect 90% of the stalling was due to bots attempting to auto-purchase the stock to then resell on eBay...

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#5: Post by arcus »

I didn't have any issues other than the site being hit with heavy traffic. I got an email yesterday, set a calendar alert for 9am Eastern and was able to get one around 9:15. My first attempt timed out but my 2nd went through.


#6: Post by nicholasnumbers »

Mech33 wrote:I suspect 90% of the stalling was due to bots attempting to auto-purchase the stock to then resell on eBay...
I can't believe it. People are selling them on eBay for double retail! (And people are paying it!)

I should have kept the white one that they sent me by accident instead of black, and then tried to swap with someone. Pretty insane how high demand is for these things.



#7: Post by Uggghhh »

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! It said sold out for me!

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#8: Post by cjhacker23 »

It was a disaster. This company, man. I cannot wait for ANY other entrepreneur to come up with a competing product. And why have none of the other major coffee equipment manufacturers noticed and met this obvious demand? James at Niche told me (after I emailed him about this fiasco) that there were 10,000 people trying to order their grinder this morning.


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#9: Post by Puck »

It was a mess. If you were not already logged in to your account it was really hard to even get to the payment page. By a stroke of luck I woke up early and saw the correction email and so was able to try to get the niche when it was available. I all about gave up because each time I tried to checkout, the website would freeze. On my 10th try, I was able to get one of the US models using a new account since I forgot the password. I think my purchase was like 9:25 am EST or something.


#10: Post by rony05 »

Sorry to say but Niche is maybe good grinder but dealing with company and orders is just pure BS.
They opened orders an hour before they suppose to. What company does it?
I caught it but even with over 300 left I was not able to Secured one. The site keep crashing and crashing.
Lost an half of hour of my time and 5 years of my life.
Useless useless useless indigogo campaign and they should do it different way. I'm so surprised indigogo site is up for some time but they run out breath today. It was very unresponsive and even when I got through it crashed before it went to payment option.
Very frustrated. Cannot recommend to anyone who ask. Specially for ordering experience. They have had 4 years to figured it out.