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Anyone order a Niche Zero recently? If so, when did you order and when did it ship?

I just ordered a U.S. black one for May shipping

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#2: Post by nsgymd »

Purchased 3/18/22

Shipped 3/23/22

Arrived 3/28/22 (Ohio)

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Wow that's snappy! I ordered mine 4/13 still haven't heard anything but I don't know what their current turnaround looks like.


#4: Post by cfunk »

They're pretty good for their shipping. I ordered one last year with a June delivery, the order was dispatched on May the 6th, and it arrived on my counter on May 12.


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What's the total cost to United States? I've been considering one to replace my Sette 270.

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#6: Post by GregoryJ »

It's 554 GBP. Make sure to use a credit card without any currency exchange fees to avoid the extra charge.


#7: Post by jgood »

Mine was delivered a few months ago:
Ordered: Dec 26th
Shipped: Feb 8th
Received: Feb 14th
They promised shipping in Feb and did so in the early part of the month. Arrived very well packed with a custom styrofoam insert and double boxed. No issues with the ordering or shipment.


#8: Post by Ad-85 »

They don't ship directly to my country so I never considered getting one. Great price for a single dose grinder tho! I hope they'll bring down that RPM to half at some point.
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Just FYI for anyone interested I emailed them and they said they were targeting a mid-may shipment date for the US black models.

Can't wait till it comes but I have to say it's definitely disappointing that you can't really buy any high end grinders within a reasonable time period. Most are like 1-3 months out for shipping estimates (Niche, Weber, Kafatek etc.)


#10: Post by gobucks »

This is from awhile ago, but I bought Jan 15 (feb delivery, black), shipped Feb 8, arrived Feb 11. Very happy with the grinder btw, it makes great espresso. A little underwhelmed with my initial efforts with Chemex, but I'll probably try again once the burrs have seasoned. Most of all, it's just a pleasure to use - good build quality, nice and quiet, easy grind adjustment, and no complicated procedure to clear the chute (just be sure to let it run an extra few seconds when it is "done", as coffee will continue to trickle out a little while after it has gone quiet).