Newbie looking for advice 1000-1300€ espresso machine

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Hello all,

i am new to this forum and i am trying to find espresso machine for my home. I bought SD40 grinder and now i would like to buy also my first espresso machine. First i was thinking to go for Rancilio Silvia, but than again, i am really not ready to install PID in to it and i rather add few more € to get machine something like e61 type. My limited knowledge (mostly youtube) decided to go for Lelit Mara X v2. But before i buy anything i would like your suggestions on machines range from 1000-1300€.

All best


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What are you needs and preferences for your espresso? MaraX is a good machine. They also make the Silvia with PID preinstalled if you want to go that route.

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Not really sure what do you mean on preferences. I bought electric timer to put it on plug so let say 30 min before i wake up, my machine will be on. I will grind my coffee on SD40 and normally make 2 cups of espresso (me and wife) sonce we both work from home. I also looked at profitec pro 400, looks awsome machine and La Scala Butterfly.

Forgot to add, we dont drink much milk with it. So steam pump isnt that important for me.