Newbie in need of grinder around $250

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Hello all, please go easy.
I've been using an old la pavoni club combo but am ready to take the plunge, however have limited budget. I was planning on the Rancilio Silvia v3 but am still deciding on a grinder. trying to stay in the 200 to 250 range. i was considering the Vanelis minipro III, lelit pl53, gaggia mdf, or ascaso i-2. any experience with these or advice on other options. this puts my budget around 850. its a stretch for me but i am open to suggestions. thanks
left out some basic info i think. usually two doubles in the a.m. and a capp for my wife.

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The Ascaso, Lelit and Minipro (both models) use the Trespade burr which has superb grind quality for this price, as good as the basic commercial grinders. All these grinders are substantially better than the Gaggia MDF.
Jim Schulman