The new Presso ROK - have they changed much?

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#1: Post by Adam »

The presso is perfect for me, cheap and has the potential to make better than "big chain coffee shop" shots. Though it does have a few flaws:

1) the lever does not press all the way down to the dispersion screen so you drip water all over the counter
2) there is an air pocket that requires wiggling the arms and overfilling while all the time losing valuable heat
3) they have been known to break when trying to make ristrettos

Has anyone got the new ROK version and tested her out?

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#2: Post by aecletec »

I have both and while I have broken pistons (cheap to replace) and crumbled part of the arm hinge off the of the old presso it still functions well... never experienced dripping water on counter (other than not sealing the portafilter in correctly or using far too much pressure) and definitely no problems with losing heat - pre-heating hasn't been necessary for the less crazy ristretto shots that I'm pulling these days.

With regards to the dripping... do you mean residual water from overfilling? To avoid this just press out the rest of the water into a vessel and dump it to get a dry puck. Otherwise playing with the grind and pressure used can get a nice shot with no residual water... it might not be the "ideal" shot but certainly drinkable.

The new rok seems to be made to higher tolerances and has minimal, if any, of the wiggle present in my old presso. It has a smooth lever hinge/cog action which seems to have diminished slightly the 'feel' of the shot but perhaps somewhat more consistency in the pressure.


#3: Post by Adam »

Hi, thanks for the response. Yes I was referring to residual water from overfilling, I have a few baskets and I have taken the wire out of the pf so I fill, tamp and line up each shot to make the whole process quicker if making more than one coffee. Waiting for residual water to trickle through just seems to add a bit more time. I don't mind because I unscrew the pf over the sink then lock n' load the next shot.

Interesting to hear about the 'feel' of the shot being lost, with an old hand grinder consistency of grind is nothing for me to brag about so being able to feel when to increase or lower the pressure I'm giving on the handles is pretty important for me.

Are you happy you upgraded? If anything for just piece of mind when putting more pressure on it? Or should I just stick with the classic in the hope it becomes an iconic vintage item now its no longer being made?

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#4: Post by aecletec »

I'm happy I upgraded (gifted the old machine) but at this stage I don't feel it's necessarily an upgrade that will lead to better espresso. I'm still learning the feel of the machine so that may change... as it is the big changes I notice at the moment are better fit and finish, no need to lock the portafilter to almost (and once past!) breaking point to stop the naked handle leaking and a slightly easier to clean surface. I have an inkling of slightly less heat loss but haven't been able to formally test it - getting good results with lower temperature water - it seemed like my usual routine was slightly overextracting.
If you haven't noticed any of those problems I'd say sit tight...