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I've had my MCaL for a little over a week now, and love it. I'm still figuring it out, but am starting to be able to pull some decent shots. It's a ton of fun to use!

I will almost certainly splurge for a bottomless portafilter, though, I hate not being able to see what's going on. I found the guy who makes them online from other threads on the subject.

Does anyone have any leads on where to get a handle for the portafilter, preferably in Canada?

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#22: Post by truemagellen »

That is great to hear thanks for the update. I just bought the Stefano's one that looks like oem haven't tried the machined ones yet

jkerr (original poster)

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After a bunch of experimenting with different beans and grinds, I'm finally pulling consistently good shots. Definitely not a lot of crema, but super tasty shots!

I've also observed that this machine is a lot more forgiving than my old Gaggia. For example, with the Gaggia, if there had been even a bit of channeling, the shot would be un drinkable. But with the MCaL, it is still ok.

I will still need to figure out how far I can go with light roasts, but for medium to dark this machine is great.

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#24: Post by baldheadracing »

FWIW, I use mine for light "filter" roasts most of the time. For lighter roasts, I try to grind fine enough to get 20-30 second pre-infusions, but if you try this, be careful not to grind too fine and, as a result, choke the machine. (If you do choke the machine, then let it sit for a while. The coffee will eventually extract.)

Also, if you see a spritz from channeling, immediately retard/hold steady/push down a very little bit the (rising) lever. This will immediately reduce extraction pressure and kill the spritz. That's usually enough to collapse the channel and you can then release the lever and continue the extraction.
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jkerr (original poster)

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Ah, I was wondering about that. I definitely noticed that the lighter the roast the longer the pre-infusion needs to be, but I wasn't sure how far to push it. Even with a medium roast. A minimum 10-second pre infusion is necessary. Very interesting!

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I've pushed pre-infusion as far as a minute but didn't like the results. I don't know why, as the temperature profile also changes with the longer time and so which affects what isn't clear.

(Also, for light roasts, I prefer the group to be hot.)
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