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Ben Z.

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Just as an FYI to people considering the micra, the app has improved immensely in the past 10 months. It opens quickly, doesn't lose connectivity, and is relatively responsive.

I'm not saying it's great or anything, but if the original reviews had this version of the app, it would have been generally ignored. It was terrible. It's unremarkable now.


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Frenchman wrote:
Looks like you picked the right machine!
I am very happy with my machine.


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Oh, you received it. Enjoy! I would hate to have to decide between the two right now, especially after years of having owned, and therefore being used to the Mini. I'll say that I am tired of wiping scalded milk off my burn wand though... And all those improvements I listed are real. It'd be an adjustment to have the baby size, for the first few days...
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