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#11: Post by Jazzcat »

I had the same dilemma, I am in the uk. I opted for the micra. I will use it at home so I don't need the extra power of the mini, I get a year warranty and brand new parts. That way I know what is my baseline, I can pay attention to the water I will have to use and the maintenance. With the used equipment it can be tricky to know the history of the machine.


#12: Post by mixedup »

The prices of used Minis sure have me hesitating to buy new, and definitely makes this an interesting dilemma. But I think I'd go used Mini? I try to avoid near-future upgraditis as much as possible :D


#13: Post by 77seriesiii »

So my first post here, at least I think its my first. I have been going through the same thought gyrations used Mini versus new Micra. One thing I found here in Germany, there is a guy that does flow profiling mods for both Mini and Micra's. About half of the used Minis I have found within the used German Mini market had this Grafikus Flow modification. Which then led me to finding out what a Grafikus mod actually meant. ... entil-kit/ ... entil-kit/

The mini version has both English and German explanations. He seems to sell versions for both 110v and 220v versions and the latest Mini mod requires no drilling. I think 600€ for either kit and that turns either machine into a flow profile capable systems, albeit a manual flow profile but...



#14: Post by wildtigg3r »

I opted for a used mini since the price was the same as getting a new micra.

The reason I went with the used mini was because the mini was in excellent condition. The previous owner took care of it really well. Plus, it came with a few nice accessories :D


#15: Post by Jimmy_The_Saint »

I'd imagine owners of each will inevitably want to fight their corner but as a Mini owner (the Micra wasn't a thing when I bought it) if I was buying today I'd 100% go with either a used Mini or save for a new one if I was bothered about warranty.

The Micra is a great machine no doubt but to me it only makes sense if space and/or budget don't allow a Mini. Which I presume is exactly why it exists.

The headroom is a compromise, and you've no choice but to use a bottomless PF if you want to put a scale under also.

The wand length can be restrictive for small milk quantities.

The reliance on an-app for adjustments vs. manual controls may be a deal breaker for some.

As a sidenote, if flow control or additional features are a priority, it might just be worth looking at another machine.


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Those demerits you listed really don't make a ton of sense to pay the extra brand new price, and the only one that's actually real-world annoying is the app sometimes.

I'm quite confused at the mini place in the line up now.

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#17: Post by baldheadracing »

exidrion wrote:I'm quite confused at the mini place in the line up now.
To me:
- the Micra is ready to go in under ten minutes; the Mini is ready to go in under twenty minutes;
- the Micra was designed for the majority of home use situations;
- the Mini was designed to handle one-group commercial use volumes. (Both are certified to commercial sanitation requirements.)
Thus, if one had a dinner party with under about a half-dozen guests then the Micra would be fine; if one had a party with a dozen or more guests then one would have to wait for the Micra to recover, but the Mini will keep going - at a 1-group pace - for dozens of guests. (Once you're into hundreds of guests, then you'll want more than one group. I'm also assuming that the person is capable of multi-tasking and the grinder is capable of handling/supporting the pace.)
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#18: Post by PaulTheRoaster »

Micra is much smaller, too, which was a big plus for me.

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#19: Post by bostonbuzz »

Are the lower internals of the micra made of plastic? It's hard to tell in photos, but it seems like a large black piece of plastic is holding everything?
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#20: Post by NelisB »

The frame is powder coated metal. Very sturdy construction.
I was afraid of plastic-ish construction with thin panels. I am allergic to bad constructions. But it's nothing like that. It's build like a tank. Yes, there are plastic parts, like the drip tray. But also that feels very solid.
And it delivers a very nice cup. Very happy with the purchase.