Would you choose a new La Marzocco GS3 MP or 2011 KVDW Speedster at same price (turns out it's not 2015)

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by Maak »

Hi. Next week I'm going to the city to demo a GS3 MP. It's taken me 2 years to save enough $$. But now a 2015 KVDW speedster has come up for sale, both at roughly the same price.

I'm still not 1O0% on the gs3 hence the demo at lamarzocco. However I cannot demo the speedster at all. Apparently it's serviced, had low use and been in storage for 4 years. And I could well demo a Rocket R9.One

What would you do? The speedster seems the least "electronic" choice, and that is something I want , and it probably has a reasonable upgrade path. Im primarily an espresso drinker. I expect a machine to last decades as my current machine . Help me decide.
Anyone have either and want the other? Please state your experience with either in your answer.
BTW looks are not a reason. I don't like either visually.

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If it was me, and I had the space for a Speedster, which really wants to be seen from all sides, it would be the Speedster without question, but in my world size is everything so I have a Decent.


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Read the CoffeeGeek write-up! Then, if you don't buy the Speedster, there must be something wrong with the specific used one you're being offered. Same price? Best in the world? Guess it all depends what you want! That Speedster sounds too extraordinary to pass up! Opportunity! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity. Good luck with your choice!

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#4: Post by Jake_G »


Without question.
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#5: Post by erik82 »

Speedster without question.

Although I love pressure profiling and have worked with a GS3 MP multiple times and had a lot of espresso from them the best espresso's I've ever had where all from a KvdW. For me it's the ultimate machine and you can probably retrofit an IrdoMatic making it even better.


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#7: Post by JohnB. »

Definitely buy the Speedster.

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#8: Post by ira »

Wow, that is the most consistent response I think I've ever seen to a question on this board.

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I'd rather be sorry I purchased the Speedster and deal with the fallout than be sorry I didn't !! :mrgreen:
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And you say this owning a gs3?