New High End Espresso Set Up - Purchased

Recommendations for buyers and upgraders from the site's members.

#1: Post by Dapuma »

Finally got the set up I was after - here are my thoughts

R 9 One
Atom 75
Puq Press Mini - not as advertisted...going back
St Andrews leveler

1) The Rocket Machine looks great, and works well. The only drawback is that the steam wand and the lever for turning on the steam can get in the way of each other. Kind of an odd placement.

2) Rocket Portafilter's and Puq Press DO NOT work together. For whatever reason they cannot work together...that is a known issue...however not know to me up front. If you have a Rocket Machine and are thinking about getting a Puq Press mini...don't do it. That chewed through two bags of coffee before figuring out that the puq press was the problem. It tamps too hard and you get no extraction.

3) Duomo and a leveler can work just as well as a tamping system - Duomo alone doesn't get the job done

4) The leveler needs to be set at the longest setting and then paired back so it just sits on top of the portafilter...that wasn't that obvious to me when i started screwing around with it. If I would have realized that, it would have saved me another half a bag of coffee.

5) The drip tray is easy to remove and the set up is easy to work off of a reservoir

6) What is backflushing, do i need to do idea, however probably :)

7) Seattle Coffee Gear has been helpful answering questions and helping me figure out what was wrong (outside of user error)

8) The Rocket tamping box and milk frothing pitcher are both very nice and look great with the machine

9) The machine looks awesome

10) Setting C is very nice when learning how to do everything and helps cut down on is easy to work with than setting A

11) Not Neutral cups are super high quality, and I would highly recommend them - worth the price

12) Barton and Reed Demitasse spoons are also excellent and worth the money